Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It Never Rains...

So by now I'm sure you (all one or two of you, lol) know my financial woes. The stress is getting to me, as my mind is constantly going over all the bills waiting to be paid, how much money is in the bank, how my one and only full time daycare kid has less than two weeks left with me, how I haven't grocery shopped for nearly two weeks now, and even though we still have plenty of food around, I'm trying to stretch it all out. My heart goes into failure every time one of the boys hands me yet another note from school asking for money for this and that.
I refused to pay the $25 for R's trip, which is a ridiculous amount of money, so the school covered it, but then he didn't end up going anyway because he was sick. They just brought home notes about some dance thing they're doing at school, for which they wanted $4 each. That annoys me, because its supposed to be part of the curriculum. Both R and L don't want to do it, as it's taking away from their regular gym time PLUS library time. If they want parents to pay for it, they should make it optional, otherwise, the school should pay for it, or not do it! Plus, L's teacher apparently told the class that "if your parents don't have the money, that THEY should pay out of their OWN money, because she's sure they have some." Um, what?! That's just rude.
But I'm going off on a tangent here...
So, I'm stressed, and it's affecting my sleep, which makes me more emotional and worried, and it's a vicious circle isn't it? I have no idea how I'm going to buy ANY Xmas presents this year, since I'd like to keep whatever credit we have left for a real emergency. But that's another two months away, thank god, so I'll try to push that to the back of my mind for now.
Now, to add some icing to this wonderful cake, my washing machine needs to be repaired. I know I mentioned that before, and we've managed to limp it along for the last few weeks, but I have to wonder if we're causing more damage by continuing to use it. So,this afternoon a guy is coming to look at it. He said he'll fix it for $80 plus parts, and he better stick to that. It's certainly better than what Sears wanted. They wanted $75 just to look at it. Hopefully the part is not too expensive, and it's fixable! I suppose the Sears card will be getting a workout if it's not fixable, and I'd rather not have that since its one of the few cards we have that has only a very small balance on it, due to the high interest rate.
And although it may seem unrelated, DH graduates next week. And since I have to work, I can't attend. I feel really badly, although a small part of me is glad because those things are soooo booooring. (I didn't even attend my own grad ceremony from college.) Since it's the last Tuesday I'll have with two kids here, I feel like we can't really afford for both of us to miss a day of work. DH wants to have the boys there, and I'm feeling ambivalent about that because they've both already missed several days of school this month (R can afford that but L can't) and they'll be bored stiff. There's no way they'd enjoy sitting through a two + hour graduation ceremony. Plus they'd probably act silly or fight or something. But I don't want to make DH go to his grad with no one there to watch him. He's going to ask his mom, and I hope she can get off work to go.

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  1. My twins are in half-day kindergarten, and I can't get over how the room mom seems to constantly be collecting money. We're asked to contribute to the teacher's birthday gift from the class and are already on a schedule to come up with little gifts each day at Christmas time. In addition there are school supplies and fundraisers and field trips and wish lists and on and on . . .