Monday, September 28, 2009

Trying To Be Positive, And Failing

I've been severely neglecting my blog. There are a couple of reasons for this. One, I haven't been able to think of anything positive to write about, and I don't think I should always be writing about negative things. Two, I have been using my free time for reading online. It's my new obsession. I guess really what's the difference, reading online or in a book, it's just a waaaayy heavier book, LOL. It's just so much easier to find new material than trucking off to the library, standing in the stacks for ages trying to discern if you want this book or that, or if you'd like it, not to mention our library's severe lack of anything good to read due to the fact that it can't keep up with its population, AND on top of all that, having to keep an eye on and keep calm two silly boys. Whew. So that's what I've been up to.

The boys have settled into school, and we're all back into the routine quite nicely. I feel so ho hum about it all. The whole routine is rather dreary, but it does make the day go on faster. Get up at six, shower, dress, make lunches and breakfasts while greeting the other children randomly coming in, eat my own breakfast, get the kids ready for school, get the other kids ready to walk to school, start walking to school, several houses down the sidewalk stop and wait for the mom that can't seem to EVER get her act together to be at my house on time (sigh!) as she frantically pulls to the curb to dump her child into the stroller, drop the kids at school, blah, blah, blah. I won't make you go through the WHOLE day! Were you worried? LOL.

I wish I had more exciting things to write about. Like how my handsome well-muscled (and well-endowed, hee hee) sensitive caring husband found some fantastic well-paid job that only required him to work 9-5 (who?? oh yeah, this is my fantasy). Or maybe how I ran into an old friend who had a fantastic new exciting well-paying job opportunity just perfectly suited to me and my hours (detecting a theme yet?). But alas, no such news. Just the same old shit.

So what can I write about? I really can't find anything positve. I think of something, and it turns negative. Case in point. We went out for dinner Sat night for my MIL's 60th. My SIL chose the restaurant, a japanese place with teppan (the kind of place where they cook at your table). It was waaaaayy out in Mississauga, which for us is over an hour's drive. But still, we were happy to go as we both love that cuisine, and also it was a momentous occassion. The food was very yummy, and only one of us (R) didn't enjoy it, but that's no surprise, he hates everything. That's the positive.

Here's the negative. DH asked the server to put ours on a separate bill, but apparently, his dear sis had already told her to put it all on one bill. Why?? Why would you specifically ask the server to do that if you had no intentions of paying for the whole meal yourself? Of course, I would NEVER expect her to pay for our meal, but if you were going to make a point of telling the server to put it all on one bill instead of waiting until the end when the bill just showed up, it must mean you had something in mind? Am I crazy here, or what? Do you get what I'm saying? Even DH looked at me in a meaningful way when the server told us that. You know, the look that said, "I can't believe my sister is going to pay for the whole family!" So I quickly told him that I had some cash and I would hand it over later. So then comes the bill. I quickly did a mental calculation and tried to round up to the nearest ten each item, thinking that should take care of our portion of the tip. I forked over $120!! Thinking again (after I'd already handed it down the table) I realized that was pretty generous. I asked her if that was enough, and she nodded her head vigourously saying, "Oh, yes, more than enough!". But did she give me any of it back? NO! Did she make mention of her paying for it, or the reason for her placing it all on one bill? NO! WTH? There went my grocery money for the week. I can't believe we just spent that much money on one dinner! And we didn't even buy the kids a meal! We just ordered two appetizers and split our meals and apps with them!

My bday is on Friday, and we were planning to go out for dinner, but now I'm thinking we shouldn't be spending any more money, cause we can't really afford it!

So there you have it. I think it's quite impossible for me to write positive things. Sorry. I guess it's because I need to vent, and have no other way to do that.

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  1. Ohhhhh ... I SO know how you feel! It was years ago, but a friend of ours wanted to celebrate his birthday at The Octagon (in Thornhill and quite pricey), and most of the attendees were in college. That included DH and myself (we weren't married at the time). Pretty much everyone didn't have well paying jobs, unlike Mr. Birthday Boy who did. It was all on one bill, which I guess everyone was to chip in on, except for the birthday guy (which is fair). I had a $20 (!) plain salad with no meat, one of the cheapest things on the menu, and my DH had something the same. Wine was ordered, appetizers, more wine, etc. It was one of the most expensive nights that I had to fork money over for when I hardly ate a thing.

    And being a parent now, $120 truly IS a weeks worth of groceries! I think you have a right to be frustrated, for sure. Especially since she said "oh, yes, more than enough" and didn't hand any of it back.

    Maybe you could invite your sister out with you guys for your birthday, if you're still going, and have the waiter pass the bill to her at the end of the meal (LOL!).

    Whatever you do for your birthday, I hope it's a good one :)