Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Momentous Occasion

Today was another first in my journey of being a mom. Today, I let R walk to school, get this,.......



He wasn't alone, he was with his best bud, E. But still, my stomach is, as we speak, in nervous knots wondering if he made it ok.

Once in a while, E (who is about six months older than R, so almost 9) will come to the door in the morning in order to walk to school with R. Much of the time, he walks "with" his older brother. I put with in quotes because really, his brother doesn't stay with him. He lags behind to talk to 12 year old girls from his grade and E usually trudges on by himself. Now E is quite mature for his age. I've always been impressed by his maturity since I met him a few years ago. DH says that maturity is due to hockey (rep hockey). Whatever. He's the kind of kid you wish your kid would be friends with. Which is why I'm so glad that he and R are best buds. I hope they remain that way for a long time. E is fiercely loyal to R, will stand up for him against others, and will stand up to anyone who pisses him off, but not in a bullyish way. Which is great.

Anyhow, E often walks home from school as well by himself. The thought of that still scares me, but comforts me too, as I know he is well used to the walk alone. It may be different if I sent two newbies out on their own. But that's not the case.

So this morning, DH was supposed to be driving my two to school, as L has a little presentation/display thing in the classroom this morning that parents are invited to, and DH doesn't have to be at his own school until 11 so he could go. Since E showed up this morning, I gave the two older boys the option of riding with DH, or walking on their own. It surprised me a little that R said he'd walk. He's always been a bit of a momma's boy, scared to be on his own for anything. And a secret part of me likes that. It means he's still my little boy.

It's with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes that I write this. My little boy is proving to me that kids do continue to grow up, whether you want them to or not. And I'm proud of him. And scared for him too. I made DH promise he's check to make sure that R arrived safely when he got to school with L. I haven't heard anything yet (which is typical of DH, to let me worry) but then, no news is good news. Right? Right?



  1. Gosh, I hate it when kids do that. Grow up, I mean. Argh. It's so tough to let go even a little bit, isn't it?

  2. Everyone's back home and safe, right? :) I can't imagine the worry ...

    In one way, I hope we can walk to the new school (we're almost 1.2 km from the school - hard to tell if we'll have to walk or get a bus ride), but in another way I hope not. I remember walking to school, but it's different when it's YOU and not your own child.

    Way to go R, and way to go you! He's still your little boy, the one that gifted you the status of "mom". Don't worry about that :)