Monday, December 20, 2010

Wrench In The Works

Sorry I haven't been blogging much at all lately, I've no excuse really. Christmas business? Yeh, I'll blame it on that...

Anyhoo, a week ago Sat I did that. We took the boys to our first recreational skating of the season, I got out on the ice, did one lap and stupidly over-estimated my ability to stop in a way-cool manner. I should have taken it easy at first, got my ice legs back. I should have just stopped in my normal snow-plow style. But I didn't.
Apparently, I thought that all the "skills" I had acquired last year would still be there and that by some magical osmotic process I had picked up perfect skating abilities through all those hours spent watching L's hockey lessons.
Instead of executing a perfect hockey stop complete with shushing sound and spraying ice/snow, I went ass over tea kettle and broke my wrist. I threw out my arm to break my fall and broke my radius as a consequence. But yeah, I need my head more than my arm so I still think it was a fair trade-off.
So after I picked my humiliated self up off the ice I hobbled my way over to the bench. I was in pain, yes, but I really didn't think it was broken because I seriously thought a broken limb would be far more painful. I mean, I've whacked my elbow and it hurt more than that, stubbed (or likely broken) my toes, even had stomach pain higher on the pain scale. The thing was though, is that it wasn't dissipating. DH got me some ice, which actually worsened the pain and that's when the nausea kicked in along with accompanying cold sweats.
Oh, God, I thought. I seriously think I'm going to puke and I have one skate on, and one untied. The washroom is down the cobble-stoned hallway (sooo not good for skate blades), and I have a heart-stopping fear of vomitting in a public place. So I laid down on the bench and thankfully the sweats went away. In retrospect, I was probably in shock and that's just what I needed.
DH then decided we should hurry off to the hospital. I was of a mind to go home first and call a sitter; after all, we've all been to emerg on a Saturday night and know how long we can be there. But miracle of miracles, there was no one sitting in there and we were actually out in two hours!
I had to call the parents of the babies I look after and cancel them for the week. There was no way I was going to be able to change diapers and dress them for a walk to the school twice a day with one hand. I could barely dress myself! As it turns out, it was a good call. I had the babies back under my care today and even with most of the soreness gone and some mobility back, it was still a challenge changing a poopy bum.
There are some good points though. Since I can't get my cast wet, I absolutely CANNOT do dishes! And I was getting some nice attention from all my boys for a few days. (That's worn off now.)
The worst part of it is, is that I was greatly looking forward to the skiing season, as you know. The boys are having lessons the four days following Boxing Day, and I had hoped to ski while they are being instructed. Now I get to sit my ass in the stupid chalet for two hours at a time and feel miserable and sorry for myself. And I'm betting they don't have any wireless access, which would at least help a little with the boredom. Boo.
Double boo.
So now I have to wait until Feb to get the cast off, and then I really have no idea how long before I can ski. I'm hoping straight away. Like, drive from the fracture clinic to the slopes.
Ha ha, just kidding.
Not really.


  1. Oh man, that stinks! Merry Christmas to you huh! I hope it turns out to heal quick and you're outta the cast in 4-5 weeks instead of the 6-8 that the doc probably said.

    Have a great holiday!

  2. Well, you could get some great reading done while you're sitting on your bum in the chalet! I'm sure I'd be reading, and then dozing off since I don't get to sit on my butt (uninterrupted) very often :)

    I'm glad the cast doesn't go over your elbow - that would have been more of a pain. K had that in the summer, and it made dressing him and bathing him very hard!

  3. Oh, Jenni, that absolutely sucks. I am so sorry to hear.