Wednesday, August 3, 2011


There's nothing I hate more than bugs, except maybe bugs in my house! A week ago or so, I was dealing with mysterious maggots. This week, despite my best efforts to seek out and destroy all of them and their source, it seems the little buggers have matured, and after the long weekend away at the cottage, I returned home to a house full of flies!


It's sooooo disgusting! It was so bad, that we actually opened up all the windows and doors hoping most of them would fly out. I am usually screaming at reminding the kids to hurry and close the screens/doors so the flies and assorted bugs don't get in. But for the one or two flies that flew into the house during this "open house", probably about five to ten flew out.

Now, two days later, I am still finding random flies buzzing around. And it annoys me so much! Because I can't figure out where the hell they're coming from! I took the compost garbage out before we left for the weekend. There was nothing in the regular garbage bin like old meat trays that would attract the pests. Nevertheless, I wasted a garbage bag just to empty the garbage can of it's pitiful contents so I could be sure. We cleaned the guinea pigs out. I cleaned the whole main part of the house, and all the bathrooms. I can't detect a rogue, rotting smell anywhere (and I have a pretty good smeller).

Just now the boys informed me that there were quite a few more of the bothersome creatures zooming around in the basement. So I went down there and went through the same routine. Emptied the garbages. Sniffed around. Searched for rancid or rotting food.

Nothing so far.

Tomorrow, when I have no daycare kids here, I am going to scour that basement. It's something I LOATHE doing, because it takes me all day, and it's like having to go to work for free on your day off. But as much as I hate it, I hate those pesky vermin even more.

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  1. How did you ever survive growing up. And I must say that pic is gross although not as disturbing as that big bug on another post.