Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Is This Real?

Recently, I've been trying to find new business for my daycare. I need to take on a couple of new kids for the fall so I can fill the spots vacated by kids going to grade one. 
So I have an ad on Kijiji, which has worked pretty well for me in the past. I also have people spreading the word, and on Marketplace via Facebook.  
I haven't had much luck, and to be honest, I'm starting to get anxious and worried. I really need the money, but that's a boring and ongoing story. 
Anyhow, every once in a while I get an email from a mom looking for more info, or if I'm lucky enough, an interview. Even though I have a website with all my info, and my ads direct them to said website, the contents of the emails are usually questions like, "Where are you located?", "What school do you service?", "What do your charge?" and "Are receipts included?", plus many others. I always try to be polite, and give a prompt answer even if they don't match well with me. I mean, who knows, maybe they'll pass on my name to a friend that does match. 
But today I received this email. It's just...weird. It's sending up alarm bells in my head. It's not from Kijiji, because emails through that state they're through Kijiji. 
It could be someone that arbitrarily found my website and emailed me from that, but they don't say where they got my email from. 
They obviously don't speak English very well, as you can tell from the mistakes in the letter. 
The weirdest part is that they say "your area" (non-specific) and that they don't really ask any questions other than hours and price. If I was coming from another country I would be asking a million questions, even if this is a preliminary "feeler" letter. 
And, missionary work?? WTF? I'm not religious, and I don't know much about the goings-ons of a church, but isn't missionary work done in poor countries and stuff? And where they want to teach the "heathens" (me!) about Christ? 
Um, yes there's poverty in Canada and even where I live, but not to the degree of say, African countries. And most of the people where we live are already Christians. 
Ok, so here's the email, read for yourself:

Hi there, 

   We are christian family from California, USA coming to Ontario,Canada for a missionary work and this will last for 6 months so we are looking for a loving caregiver to take care of our son age 2years old (Dominic).  The care giver will take care of our son's academic and personal requirements. The caregiver should able to converse reasonably well in English and should be willing to work 5 days a week.Kindly get back to us stating the best time for you to care for our son daily and your fee per month.Our missionary work can be done anywhere in your area so your location will not be a problem.

Please respond if only you have a vacant spot.

Thanks and God bless
Jessica and Thomas Piteau

Ok, so if this isn't a scam or spam then I'm going to feel bad for these people. But this really isn't the way to go about finding childcare. They make it sound as if they are moving into any area they find childcare. And that's just…
You find childcare where you work or live, not the other way round. 
But it screams fake to me. But the question is why? Why would you use this approach as a scam? And for what purpose?
Well, I won't answer them, purely based on the fact that they sound extremely religious and I'm not. 
And yes that weighs heavily on my scale. Because you need to mesh and have similar ideals with the parents. And that doesn't make the cut. 
Sorry Jessica and Thomas, if that's who you really are. 

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