Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Report Card Time

The boys both got their report cards today. I kind of hate report card time, at any time of the year. I have one who excels in school, without really even trying, and the other who just gets by. I'm sure from previous posts you can guess which is which. It's not that I'm not proud of my kids, but...... I'm way more proud of one than the other.

There, I said it. I feel terrible for even thinking that. It doesn't mean I love one more than the other, because I don't, but looking at a report card filled with A's and then looking at another report card filled with C's is like thinking you've just won the lottery, and then finding out you're holding last week's ticket.

I really struggle with this. I want to praise R, tell him how amazing he is and how happy I am with him, but I don't want to hurt L. I know L can't achieve A's right now. But I'm fairly sure he could achieve some more B's if he put a bit more effort into it. But he really hates school. I fight with him on school issues all year long. To chastise him over a not-so-stellar report card at this time of year, well, I kind of feel like its beating a dead horse. And I definitely feel that if I sing the praises of his brother too loudly, that he'll become more defiant, more rejecting of school. He's not the type to take that as a challenge to do better. It would have the opposite effect on him.

But back to R. It's not fair that he's put in the effort, the hard work and isn't receiving his just rewards either. I did tell him at bedtime that I was so proud of him, that I was very pleased with his report card but I didn't want to make his brother feel bad. Maybe that's not even fair to him either. Why should we be hush hush about how great he is doing, just because his brother isn't?

It goes without saying at this point that I'm disappointed in L's report card. And I don't know who to be mad at. Him, for not trying harder? Me, or his dad, for not making him try harder, for not instilling a better attitude towards school? (And BTW, If anyone knows how to do that, email me to give me step by step instructions!)Or his teacher? He had a different one halfway through the year,due to the first one having a baby.( I mean really, of all the nerve, having a baby in the middle of the school year! LOL.)The first teacher likely gave out many of his marks on the second term report. The third term report, this latest one, almost ALL his marks went down! Seriously? Some stayed the same, and one, only one, went up by a grade and that was drama or something I don't care about. I couldn't believe it. Was he doing THAT poorly? Or was the first teacher's assessment that skewed? Or is this teacher just a bitch who really knows nothing about my son? I'd have to think some of that last statement is true. I know he's way better than what she says he is in math, or science. And how in the HELL did he go from an A+ in Social Studies, to a C+ in one term?

Part of me wants to march into that school tomorrow and demand answers. And you're probably thinking I should. But part of me says, who cares? I know what he's capable of, and who looks at grade three marks in the long run anyway? Plus, I don't like his teacher at all,I've never respected her since he had her in kindergarten, and I don't believe much of what comes out of her mouth! So why bother? She'd just patronize me, and stand there with that stupid smile on her face. Plus, the year is over. Time to start fresh next year.

Oh, and BTW, I had L's meeting, and all my worries were for nought. He's getting a good strong teacher next year. She's an older teacher, and R had her in second grade. She knows what she's doing. Plus, she's strict, and won't stand for any monkey-business, which is good for my monkey! Well, he doesn't think so, but it's a good thing he's a little concerned that she's stern (or "mean" as he would put it). I do remember thinking that she was quite harsh when R was in her class, but she's the type of teacher that starts the year off being very strict to get everyone in line, then she eases off a bit.

So he's not getting the teacher I wanted exactly,but for once, he's getting a decent one. Better late than never, I guess. Plus, he found out as well one of his best buddies is going to be in that class with him! He's happy about that!

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