Saturday, June 23, 2012

Update, If Anyone Is Still There

Wow. I havent posted for a loooonngg time! So here's an update on my life:


I went to see a specialist in the field of gynecology, apparently the best in the province. I was pleased to hear that I don't need surgery at this time, and that I should stick with the medication. Ok, 99% pleased. 1% disappointed. Is that weird? I think it's the whole "someone else taking care of ME for once" thing that I was looking forward to. Not the pain, or the surgery, or the loss of my woman-hood. I guess it's just nice to get looked after. Oh, and the fun drugs are a plus as well.

Anyhow, I'm sticking with a medication called Visanne, for now. I've been on it for three months now, and my body has now adjusted to it. At first, I had bleeding/spotting that went on for over two weeks. That was annoying. Then there was the constipation. Nice. But my body seems to have adjusted to it and moved on for now, and I haven't had any bleeding or period for at least six weeks. Nice! The constipation part seems to be over too, thank god, and I've had no pain now due to the endo so it's doing it's job. The dr said I could be on it for ten more years or so. When I hit menopause age, that's when I'll likely have to have surgery. Unless it gets worse between now and then. He was also nice enough to give me three more months' worth for free (samples). That's great because we have one income and no drug plan.


L seems to be doing well lately. I attribute this to a few things. One, DH has been around a LOT more because he's in school, and this semester that's only three days a week. Two, it's summer, and who can feel down when the weather is so much nicer? (Ok, I know depression doesn't care what time of year it is, but I mean feeling low, as opposed to depressed). And three, school is almost over, with the prospect of eight weeks filled without homework or teachers. I have a meeting this coming week (Tues) with the principal to discuss L's placement next year. I mean, what class he'll be in. I feel a little sick about this and I'll tell you why: it's because I know I'm going to be disappointed and upset with the class he'll be in. And no, I don't know which one it is yet, but this is just the pattern with him. I don't know what it is, but aside from his first school year (in which he had the most AMAZING TEACHER EVER!), every year after he has got the royal shaft.
Screwed over.
Every year.
Every September I think "this year will be better, this year he can't possibly have bad luck again. This year, he'll get the teacher I want, or the next best one. His luck has GOT to CHANGE!"
But it doesn't. And now, I don't have any hope. Because even though in May, when DH and I sat down with the principal and his teacher and had a frank heart-to-heart about all our concerns and how they could help, even though the principal assured me that things would be ok for next Sept, even though he told me we'd talk about his teacher at the end of this school year, I STILL don't believe he'll get a good teacher for once. And I'll tell you why.
I know of two grade four teachers right now. There were only two gr. 4 classes this year. The one teacher, Mrs. G, is fantastic. R had her. I LOVE her! The other, Mrs. M, every other parent I've talked to hates her. She's useless.
Next sept, there has to be at least three gr.4 classes. There are four gr.3 classes now. So that means, another teacher. Who? I have no idea. I know some of the "floater" teachers in the school. Ones they call LTOs (long term occasional)and tend to teach a different grade every year. But one is moving down to K next year (the good one of course) and the other is one L has right now. For the second time in his school career. The worst thing is, is that I heard Mrs.G is not going to be teaching gr.4 next year, that she's moving down to primary. That really upset me. Because I had this small tiny hope in me, this little spark that L's luck might actually change, that I'd go into this meeting next week and the principal would tell me and L that next year his teacher would be Mrs.G. Now that hope is dashed, and I'm sick, just sick, because I know his luck hasn't changed and that he'll go in and he'll tell me L is going to be in Mrs.M's class, mainly because they have no idea who the other two teachers will be, or that one of the other teachers will be Ms.R, the teacher he has now (2x) and it definitely can't be her.
I know, I'm borrowing trouble. But if I go in to the meeting all hopeful, I'm just going to be that much more upset when I come out, so I may as well assume the worst now.

Anyway,aside from school, L was recommended through this program called Kinark that he go to this summer camp. That would be for two weeks, day camp only, and there they would talk about feelings and stuff, and also do things like play (like he would do at home),go to the beach (like he would do at home),go in the backyard (like he would...) and go to the park (again,....) They also go to Santa's Village towards the end of the second week, which I think is too juvenile for him, personally. I mean, he had pretty much stopped believing in Santa last year. The bonus is, it's all free, even the food is included, and while I feel very grateful and blessed that this was offered to us, I have my reservations about it. I would like to send him for just the counseling part, but that wouldn't be fair to do that, as other kids are waiting for his spot for a full day of camp. The rest of it we could do without. It's basically the same as home daycare, which is what I do. Plus, they go out in a van, which I strangely don't feel comfortable with, having some stranger tote my kid around. And the biggest issue is getting him there and back. If I had a minivan, maybe I could, but I don't. I can't even tell right now how many kids I'll have on any given day during the summer to look after. And that sucks. DH can do pick up and drop off most days, but not all. So, he won't be going.

Ok, guess that's it for now, whew!

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