Monday, August 3, 2009

I Survived

So I survived the weekend. I guess it wasn't too bad.

The wedding was ok, actually. It wasn't as bad as some stuffy weddings I've been to. The ceremony was held outside, on the beach, facing the water which was really nice and a first for me. It's kind of how I would've liked our wedding to be, but that's a story for another time. The weather held up for the major parts of the wedding, and by the time it rained, it was indoor/dancing time anyway so it was good timing for the couple. The boys got to swim and play on the beach between the ceremony and dinner (which was about 3.5 hours) and the ceremony itself was mercifully short and non-religious. The couple also bought "goody bags" for the kids, which included two cans of play-doh, a set of smelly markers, a pad of paper, a can of silly string and a crazy straw. So nice considering they barely know them! Then they had a bonfire later, and all the fixings for smores. C'mon, tell me you haven't had smores at a wedding before! I haven't, and I think EVERY wedding should have a bonfire and smores!!

The rest of the weekend wasn't as bad. See, here's my philosophy: Expect the worst, and then you won't be disappointed, you may even be a little bit surprised. Sunday was sunny, thank GOD. So we didn't all have to stay in the cottage getting on each others' nerves. And it wasn't too hot either. The beach that was there last month (if you could call it a beach) was gone totally, and now the stairs go down to the water, not the sand. So the boys had nothing to play with, but thankfully they still played in the water a bit, and for the afternoon, L actually napped while R and I played ball for awhile until it went into the water, and then he swam again since he had to go get it 'cause I sure as heck wasn't going in that frigid water! holy run-on sentence...

The Overlord Grandma behaved herself for the most part. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that we were only in her presence for a day and a half. She had her moments though:
G - "You should stab those potatoes before you put them in the microwave, they'll cook faster."
Thank you very much. Now I have overcooked potatoes (as if microwaved potatoes aren't bad enough) due to the orders I was given wonderful advice and the supersonic microwave she owns. Holy Crow, that thing could cook a whole turkey in an hour, I swear. I'll probably get a tumour from being in the same room with it or something.

Monday (today) we hung around for a bit in the morning while DH watched a movie with Her, and I conveniently slipped off to the bedroom for some quality time with my book. At some point during the morning, She says, "I don't suppose the boys would want to stay with me for a bit?" Yeah, that's going to happen.... I'm going to leave my most treasured possessions in the whole wide world in the care of an 83 (or is it 4?) year old woman who can't remember if she bought milk yesterday, and can't hear worth a damn! Not to mention her ancient ideas about child-rearing. The boys would probably be calling for help, in the lake, drowning, she'd forget they were there and lock all the doors to go into town for a while....Yikes! (shudder)

I'm sorry. I do feel a bit sorry for her. I mean, she's old, she can't help that. I know she would LOVE to spend more time with her great-grandchildren, I mean, who wouldn't? But she's going to have to do it with either DH or me around. That's it, that's all. DH made up a bunch of stories about how they have daycamp, and soccer and stuff that wasn't entirely true, just to spare her feelings. It's ok to lie when you're sparing someone's feelings, right?

So that was the weekend. Now I'm off to bed, night night.


  1. I'm glad your weekend wasn't so bad. But I still bet you're glad it's over and done with!

  2. “Sometimes it’s more noble to tell a small lie than to deliver a painful truth.”

    Theodore Roosevelt from Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian