Monday, February 15, 2010

Chocolate Part II

Ok, I am officially swearing off chocolate. At least for the next six weeks or so, however long Lent is.
Now, I am not a religious person. The only time I go to church is for christenings and weddings. But I like the idea of Lent. And it serves a purpose right now.
I am actually scared a little that I am truly addicted to chocolate. This past month was the worst. I ended up buying a bag of Reeses Peanut butter hearts for MYSELF for Valentine's Day. How sad is that? I know my hormones haven't been very normal these past few months with being off the pill, but can i really blame hormones for chocolate cravings? Seriously? Because the two seem directly related, and I know that I have been eating way more chocolate over the past three months than i normally do.
So that's it, that's all. I ate up the rest of the bag today (and feel quite ill about it consequently) and after today, NO MORE.
The first few days will be tough, I know. It means no chocolate in whatever form. I'm not sure if I can be this strong.
Chocolate, I am breaking up with you. You're not good for me. So this is the end.
And don't call me.


  1. Love the "and don't call me" part :) If only it were so easy ;)

    I've had times when I have to keep certain substances out of my house, out of fear I'll eat them. I've banned chocolate chips before ... after finishing off half a bag!

    Good luch with the chocolate break. It might be hard for a few days, but try to eat something else with a crunch.

    I'm trying a "don't eat if you're not hungry" thing, except for scheduled meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as "if you must eat, make it healthy".

    That said, I ate brownie cookie dough this morning. Erk. I'll start my "better eating" now. Right now. This minute ... Right.

  2. Chocolate dough for breakfast. Cindy, you are my new favourite person. Good luck with your chocolate break. I have faith you can do it.


  3. How goes the giving up chocolate?

    You have an award waiting for you on my blog.