Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chocolate Update

Not that anyone cares I'm sure, but it has been one week since my last chocolate indulgence!! And whew, has it been hard! Everywhere I turn there is chocolate, I never really considered it too much.
When I started this prohibition, my main thought was that I needed to stop eating chocolate mostly because of the mass amount of Kisses, chocolate candies, and squares (ok, bars) I'd been eating. I never stopped to think about how many other things in my pantry contain chocolate.
We've been buying the granola bars made by Kashi. Of course, many of them have dark chocolate in them in some form or another. There is one type in particular that I quite enjoy, called Dark Chocolate Coconut. They have a type of icing on the top of the bar, that isn't actually real icing, just a fudgey-gooey-rich goodness made by combining date paste and dark chocolate. So it's healthy, right?
Alas, it is still chocolate.
We actually have many types of granola bars in our cupboard. Peanut-free ones for school (and DH), and many with nuts that both the boys and I love (thank goodness they didn't inherit that particular allergy!). But almost all of them have chocolate!
Then there is the hot chocolate. I was craving a hot drink the other day, not in the mood for tea for once and that is when I usually go for a hot chocolate. I had to stay my hand as it reached into the cabinet for the powder. I almost forgot!
I baked banana bread on the weekend. L begged me to put chocolate chips in it. I said, "But I gave up chocolate, remember?"
His reply was, "But we didn't!"
"But then I can't have any," I said, ignoring his 6-year-old selfishness.
"Just put them in half then!" he reasoned.

Umm, sorry, no, doesn't work that way.
But I'm managing.
I still have to deal with my sweet cravings. For that I bought myself some Golden Oreos, and Golden Oreo Cakesters. Is that any better, or is it worse?
Probably worse, as dark chocolate actually does have some health benefits, whereas I'm sure Oreos do not. However, I don't tend to binge on said Oreos like I would if they were Hershey's Dark Chocolate, or Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.
So for now I will try to stick to my committment, and if I can break this addiction, I will move onto tackling my sweet tooth next!

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