Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kid Quips

Here was my funny moment of the week. It was hilarious at the time, however I think it always loses a bit of it's hilarity when I try to recount it. I guess you need to be there, or really know and appreciate the kids. Anyhow, hopefully this gives you a bit of a giggle, if not a guffaw.
Some background info;
Ethan - 3.5 years, going on 35, amazing language skills (he's been speaking in full sentences since before he was two), stubborn as heck and a little precocious at times but cracks me up all the time!
Kendra - almost 2, limited language skills, probably in the 80th percentile or so for height and weight, typical toddler in attitude and actions.
I was changing Kendra's diaper after lunch and before her nap. For this, she was standing on the change table, pants down, shirt hiked up, belly and bits all exposed. Ethan was using the sink to wash up after lunch. We were having a conversation about who was bigger, as I had exclaimed with a grunt that Kendra was getting very heavy when I had lifted her up onto the table. Ethan, being a little on the short side, is a bit defensive about his size, and will use any opportunity to make his "real" size known.
So naturally, he claimed fervently, "I'm bigger and I weigh more than Kendra, though."
Of course I had to set him straight.
"But she's catching up to you quickly. She's pretty much as tall as you are now, and I think she's just as heavy. Just look at her big belly," I said, tickling it. (You have to picture the big full round toddler belly, especially after lunch!)
Ethan, turned around from the sink to look, his eyes as big as saucers, "Wow! She's almost pregnant!!"
Oh My Goodness but didn't I laugh soooo hard at that!

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  1. Oh!!! That is so funny!
    Lindsey Petersen