Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Power of Positive Thinking?

I have to commend my sister, S. She has got it goin' on, for lack of a better expression. She is just lucky in life, it seems.
Ok, that doesn't mean that her life is perfect (well, maybe close to it now) or that it has always been either. She's had her share of trials, heartache and difficulties.
What I mean is that it seems that when she puts her mind to it, and she wants something, it happens for her.
She always said married and first child by 30, and there you go. She has a wonderful, loving husband who adores her, and a gorgeous baby girl, 4 months now.
She said they would have a baby right away, and they did.
She said she wouldn't gain weight, or have to lose weight after the baby, and she didn't.
She said she wouldn't get stretch marks, and she didn't.
She said she wanted to be a SAHM, and that will be true also, which is an incredible feat in today's economy.
Some things she says I just smile and nod, while "pshawwing" in my head and thinking "yeah, right, you just keep thinking that!" But not so much anymore. Because she seems to have this way of making things happen the way she wants for herself.
I have to say, I'm just a little jealous. And curious.
My life is only about half of how I pictured it. There are so many things I would love to do over, so many things I would change in a heartbeat.
I try to keep my focus though. The most important things in my boys. At least my dream of being a mother became a reality for me, and that is the most important part.


  1. It is. But I wish I had that gift, too. Damn you, S.


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