Monday, November 15, 2010

Megamind Review

Yesterday the kids went to see the new movie, Megamind. R went to a birthday party at the theatre, so we decided to take L and a friend as well. L had a couple of gift certificates that he was given last year for his birthday, so he got to pick a friend to take, as it was free!
Now, after seeing and loving many of Dreamworks animated movies, I was looking forward to seeing this and quite frankly I expected big laughs from this movie.
And it was entertaining. A good way to pass the afternoon, but it wasn't...great. I laughed way harder at Shrek, Madagascar and Monsters vs. Aliens. Most of the funny parts are in the trailers, but I did give a little chuckle here and there. It got pretty slow during the middle too, almost as if they didn't know where to take the film next.
The part that totally turned me off though was this:
The villain is holding the heroine hostage on top of a building. She looks at him and tells him that he doesn't need to do this, that she just knows there is good in him (yeah that line's been overdone). He scoffs and says that is her problem, always seeing the good in people even when it isn't there, that she is naive and trusting. He then goes on to say (and I'm quoting only from memory here, but it's pretty close I believe), "Well I've got news for you! There is no Tooth Fairy, no Easter Bunny and no Queen of England!"
At that point I stopped watching and listening to glance around me horrified. Thankfully the kids didn't seem phased. I turned to DH and whispered that I couldn't believe they just said that!
I suppose in retrospect that in saying that there is no Queen of England made the whole statement a lie, or at least maybe that's what they were hoping the kids would think. But many of the kids that are seeing this film are at that age where they are on the cusp of still believing and not too sure if it's all true. Being so close to Xmas, thank God they didn't mention Santa Claus! I would think a statement like that could possibly put the question of "Is there? Or isn't there?" into their minds if it never occurred to them to question it before. And some kids were very young, like 3 or 4, so how would they understand the joke? All they would hear would be "there is no..."and wouldn't even know anything about the queen of England. I'm not going to get into a debate here about the issue of taking such a young child to a PG movie, as every family and child is different. Some can handle it, some can't and hopefully the parents recognize that. But I can see why they would take them. Dreamworks has put out many great movies such as Shrek and Madagascar, movies I would have let my 4 year old watch. So they have set a precedent with these films, and we trust in that filmmaker not to disappoint or lead us astray. I wouldn't have thought twice about taking my 4 year old, had I had one, after all, I didn't give a second though to taking two six year olds. They do give the film a PG rating, but everything is marketed to the younger set! Why do they confuse us this way? And why oh why would you go ahead and blurt out in the middle of a kids' movie that there is no tooth fairy or Easter bunny?!?!?!!
I still don't know R's take on it all as it's one of those things that you can't really bring up without giving yourself away. I'm hoping that if he wants to discuss it, he will, and out of earshot of his younger brother.
But parents be warned! You may want to take your younger ones out to the bathroom when you see the heroine get flown up to the top of the tower near the end.


  1. I couldn't agree more with you. It was absolutely unnecessary for them to say this line. I had the EXACT same reaction as you did. I completely stopped paying attention to the movie, and began wathing for a reaction. They could have gotten across the exact same message without saying that. This movie is not only a cartoon, but portrayed as a childrens movie. As such, this line was completely inappropriate.
    I actually emailed Dreamworks to tell them how disgusted I was that they would even consider using this line.

    1. Im an animator and aimimg to work for pixar or dreamworks...i knew there was no easter bunny or tooth fairy or santa clause by the time i was 5yrs old, and guess what i still love all those holidays and still got happy to paint eggs, and i demanded a quarter under my pillow by morning from my parents when i lost a tooth. AND i still got exited to see santa and celebrate xmas. I realized just because theirs no easter bunny, theirs no reason to carry on such a joyful tradition, i was more in love with the fact that santa was an old russian carpenter who his village was poor and he was kind enough to build toys for all those children and diliver them in the blizzering cold.(i found out the truth in a history book in library when i was 5) and i celebrate xmas in honor of that KIND hearted man. and i have always encouraged children to carry on the tradition even though their not real, its fun to have these holidays so ppl can take time of work and stress and have something fun and joyful to look forward too and come together. easter is about new beginings. and fallen tooths is about chilhood memorize. watch rise of the guardians. Its very informative movie. And actually a friend that was an intern at dreamworks told me,ppl did send a bunch of complains about this, wich gave them the idea for rise of the guardians...but to be honest most of the production team didnt really care what you ppl have to say. Its their art work and their story, and most ppl that work at dreamworks that i know are either atheist or agnostic. We(dreamworks)me/myself just really know what it means to be a kid at heart. and i dont mean to be rude, nor its my business in to tell you how to raise your children, but your teaching a horrible lesson by believing in stupid unrealistic crap, some families cant afford toys or to paint eggs or what ever. thats the worst thing you can do to a child is LIE to them. and some kids dont take it too nicely when they do find out, it can really break their spirit and wonder, what else have my parents been lying to me about? and then you just presented LYING. How about you just tell them the truth, that these characters arent real but part of american culture and tradition. Im sure they will love it all the same and save you future headaches, and just bcuz you tell them the truth dont be a jerk or a cheap-ass by not trying to hold the tradition. Kids aren't stupid but their parents can sometimes be.

  2. Idiotic move by the writers who obviously were clueless about their audience.

  3. Terrible to spoil a kids movie with a line that was completely unnecessary. Why take the magic from a child? Major Fail.