Thursday, January 12, 2012

Update on L

So back in November I posted a little about L, and the troubles he was having. Finally, this week, we had a doctor's appointment. I have to say, I felt kind of weird making him go to the doctor when he isn't physically sick, and he was a little confused too. It's not like we ever go there at all really. As you can see, this is how long I had to wait to get him in to even see the doctor. So we don't go there for other stuff, like sore throats, or sore ears, or anything that needs to be looked at within the next day or so. And because the appointments are so difficult to make (between the scarcity of them and mine and DH's schedules), my kids never have check-ups either. I think the last time they had one they were toddlers. Come to think of it, I'm not even sure my Dr.'s office DOES check-ups. There are all kinds of weird restrictions they have, like "only one problem at a time" (SERIOUSLY? What if the two problems are related?) and they don't do vaccinations either. You have to go to the public health office for those. Sigh.
Anyway, I'm getting off topic.
L went with DH, since I had other kids to look after. Plus, I felt like I might turn into Hysterical Sobbing Mother if I had to talk about this out loud to another person, so I felt DH was the better choice here. He's more level-headed than I when it comes to the kids. He's the one that says, "He's fine," when the kids tell me they have a headache, while I'm thinking, "OMG, do we need an MRI?"
I gave him a small list of my biggest concerns, and when DH came home after dropping L off at school for the day, he said the Dr. is referring him to a pediatrician. The good part of this is that he took it all seriously. He didn't blow it off, although a part of me did want him to just say, "You worry too much, he's fine."
Of course the not-so-good part is that he said he may have a form of childhood depression. And also, the fact that now we will have to wait months and months I'm sure for anything else to be done. Getting a pediatrician appt in this town is next to impossible. I'm sure it will be at least July if we're lucky.
He also said it could simply be something is bothering him; something he can't even figure out himself. But of course, he isn't exactly qualified to make any sort of diagnosis. He isn't a specialist, only a family doctor.
And then of course, we will have to wait for the pediatrician to refer us to a further specialist.
So much waiting. And we haven't even begun. I feel badly for the parents who have children with disablilities and are waiting for support services. It must be agonizing.
Right now, I can just thank god that he isn't too bad. He hasn't had a really "down" episode since that one. His need isn't as urgent as others, although that doesn't make it less important. I've been trying to do some reading on childhood depression, but I need to delve deeper. If I could find the time. That kind of reading calls for uninterrupted quiet time, something scarce around here.


  1. Oh the waiting sucks doesn't it? I would hate to add up all the hours of our life we've spent waiting. But at least we have medical care right? And at least the ball is rolling right? You can always ask the specialists to be put on a cancellation list and maybe you'll get in sooner.

  2. Hey. Thought I'd share this with you. I was reading some older posts of someone I follow and she posted a link to this website It's about a diet that removes food dyes and additives from food that they believe contribute to several different behavior and emotional issues. Look under the Symptoms helped tab to see the list. While I'm not suggesting you buy the program, I thought it might be interesting for you and something to think about while you wait for an appointment. It's basically removing processed food from your diet and eating "real" food. I know of several people who have noticed changes in their kids by removing processed stuff from their kids diets and serving them regular food. Might be worth a shot.

  3. I'm just reading this now. Try calling New Path, they are the Children's mental health program for your area (I believe - hope I have the right county for you).

    You can call yourself so you shouldn't need a referral from anyone. At the very least they can give you some guidance.

    Good luck and good for you for taking his comments seriously - its never easy when our kids are struggling.