Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mar 6

Not much to report today, the past week or so has been fairly even. We did have an issue last night because L brought home homework for the first time in awhile. He was the one that brought it up, and said he had to do it, so at least he was taking some responsibility for his schoolwork. But it wasn't without lots of crying, whining and anger, and even banging his head, which I ignored. He was SO annoyed to have homework, SO annoyed and put out that this one teacher DARED to give him this assignment.
For the record, it was a small piece of writing he had to do, a response to a "Dear Abby" letter about smoking. It must be some media literacy unit they're doing on smoking, or drugs, or something. Really, the assignment wasn't that big, but he insisted that EVERYONE else had been given more time, and that he JUST found out about it. I don't know how true that is, he has missed a lot of school and could have missed the original assigning of this thing, but he also might not have been paying attention either. Whatever the case, it certainly wasn't an unreasonable request to have it finished by the next day, which he stated HAD to be done, or he "would get zero, AND have to stay in at recess to finish it!!" He just couldn't believe the audacity of this woman, lol. He couldn't believe he'd have to take a zero and then finish it anyway. I, however, could completely understand the discipline behind that, not that I told L that.
Anyhow, when he finally settled down, and he had his brother's and my help, he started to write, although it was a slow process and lots of stalling because of random side conversations. Then suddenly, after two sentences, he had to go to the bathroom. Now, this kid is a typical male that way - he'll spend AGES on the can!! What the heck do men do in there?? I cringed because I was thinking, great, another stall, but I can't say anything because maybe he really does need the toilet. Then I had an epiphany! I told him to take the work into the can with him, and when he came out ten minutes later......
Hallelujah! (I can hear the chorus now...)
Why did I never think of this before? No distractions in the bathroom,no one to bug him, nothing else to do!
Maybe I'll start giving him laxatives, haha....

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