Monday, March 4, 2013

Mar 4

Yes, I've been terrible lately about updating. But no news is good news, right?
Well, not so much good news, but more like, same-as-ever news.
I'll start with Friday. I had a meeting with the school social worker. She was very nice and understanding, and took many notes. She asked lots of questions, and I tried to tell her as much as I could. The meeting was a little over an hour long, and the principal was nice enough to lend us his office. At the end of the meeting she gave me a few suggestions, just a few, since she doesn't know us well at all yet. She stressed the need for physical activity, and I'm on board with that, only money becomes the issue once again here. She told me about a couple of programs called Jumpstart and Health Star that fund low income families so their kids can participate in activities. She also pointed out that getting him out of the house in social settings is better than letting him be home all the time, so non-physical activities are good too.
Duh, I guess I should have realized that. I mean, I do know that, it just never occurred to me oddly enough. Because of our financial struggles lately, we decided that if there really wasn't anything particular L was itching to do, then we wouldn't push for it and so he hasn't been enrolled in ANYTHING at all lately. I mean, why bother when you really can't afford it anyway, right?
So in the newspaper on the weekend I saw an ad for the local cooking college, and they do a class for kids, ages 8-14. It's two hours every Monday night, and they get a chef hat and jacket too. I like that there are older kids in the class, so I know it won't be babyish and that they'll just make cookies and stuff. The girl on the phone mentioned fresh pasta, which is cool. That sounds right up his alley.
So here's the thing....

It's $350.


Yowza! Yeah, I get why it's so expensive, I mean, there's food to cover, and clothing, and the classes are two hours long as opposed to the usual hour for various activities. But still....

DH is going to try to see if his Nan will help us out.
So back to the social worker. She is going to speak to L's teacher, and then I'm to call her after L's appt tonight with the psychologist. She wants to know what her plan is so she doesn't make any suggestions that go against it.
Which leads me to tonight. DH is taking L to his first psychology appt. It's at four, so I can't go since I'll still have kids here, but I wish I could go. I'm almost tempted to have DH record it so I can hear too.
On Friday, I also picked up some papers and forms to fill out for L's tele-psychiatric session with Sick Kids. The session can't be booked until these papers are filled out and returned, and there's a lot! Even his teacher has to fill out one. I was reading the papers telling us about it, and I didn't realize until then, that it's a one-time only thing. You have an interview, the psychiatrist makes suggestions for you to follow up on with your family doctor or paediatrician, and thats it. Weird. We also BOTH have to attend, so that means another day off for me at some point. Hopefully we'll have plenty of notice, but then that means a long wait for it. Lol, it's a catch-22, isn't it?
Behaviour wise, L hasn't been too bad. The incentive thing seems to be working ok, he's almost reached his goal of hammer, gloves and safety goggles. I'm not sure of what he'll pick next, but I'm going to be sure it takes more effort to get it. Things are somewhat better, but not even close to where I want them to be, especially in the mornings. And bedtimes are still late too.
Last night it was crying over our dead dog, who passed away two years ago. Again, not a normal reaction, I think, to be grieving so much for a dead pet, especially one that died so long ago. And Vader wasn't even that important to him. He barely paid attention to him when he was here. Another issue to work out.
This morning he was slow to get ready, but without too much whining, and there was communication, so that's positive. I'd like him to speed things up a bit, get out of bed when he's told to, so that is something to work towards.
Next week is March Break. I'm happy about that, but also not. I'll be glad to not have the daily fights for a week, or to have to make lunches either, but then it will be like going backwards again. Getting him back to school after a week off at this point will be horrendous.

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