Thursday, May 21, 2009


I don't want to complain too much about the heat, but seriously, it's hot! I don't understand our stupid, effed-up Canadian weather! Two days ago we were all freezing, and now we're boiling! No wonder we're all sick all the time; no one's body can get used to that!

But we did have such a long winter, so I am trying to just enjoy being sticky and sweaty for once. And there are some advantages. The house was so hot last night (as I'm far too cheap to turn on the A/C in May!) that hubby and I played Wii bowling in our undies. Lucky I don't post pictures, eh? You can all imagine us as two gorgeous Calvin Klein-esque models, hee hee...

And then there is the other advantage... the kids and I all get to wear our new summer clothes finally! Isn't that a great feeling, putting on brand new clothes? Seeing yourself (or your kids) in something you've never worn before, unlike those damn winter clothes you've worn a THOUSAND times over! And the laundry piles get smaller too, with less clothing being worn, and less bulky at that.

Ahhhh, summer...

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