Tuesday, May 19, 2009


This weekend, we purchased a Nintendo Wii system. I finally gave in. I always wanted to be one of those parents that didn't let their kids have a gaming system until they were teens, due to the rise in childhood obesity. But I gave up. And in all fairness, the Wii has more physically active games, which is part of why I bought it. I have also secretly wanted one for myself anyway for quite some time now.

I plan on getting the Wii fit at some point. It scares me when I do any kind of physical activity just how out of shape I am. When I first started taking the kids to school in the mornings as well as the afternoons, I was exhausted. And it's only a ten minute walk. Now that is very sad. Of course, I console myself by saying that not everyone has to mind 9 children at the same time, so part of the exhaustion is stress.

But when I run, I almost always hurt my ankle (it twists somehow). And the feeling of the fat all over my body flopping up and down is disgusting. Then there is the part that scares me the most - my heart. Sometimes it seems to speed up, and skip beats. It's hard to describe. I had it checked out about a year ago, by having an ECG and also wearing a Holter Moniter for 48 hours. Nothing was found, and the doctor said that lots of people have it, and it generally isn't dangerous.

But still, it scares me, especially since during times when I'm straining myself (like pulling a very full wagon of three toddlers up a steep hill) it becomes worse.

So, time to get into shape. Several hundreds of dollars later, sigh...

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