Monday, May 11, 2009

Misconstrued Comments

I figured it was time for a new post. I wish somehow that I could take my computer with me, and write the random thoughts that come to my mind. Sometimes I compose blogs in my head, as I'm doing the dishes, or walking the kids to school, or putting the laundry away. But of course, by the time I get around to going onto the computer, logging on, etc, I forget what it was I wanted to write.
But today, I remembered something. I wanted to write down some funny things the kids said. I'm sure most of you won't find them funny like I did, and I guess you had to be there, or know my kids anyhow, but I at least want to write them down for myself so I can look back on them.
So yesterday we went to the library. L had brought his toy stuffed Koala with him, and we were discussing this fact jokingly. DH had said, no Koalas, no Cows allowed (R's favourite cuddly toy) and continued on with the no shirt, no shoes no service spiel:
DH: ".....and no bare feet in the library"
R: Completely seriously" Yeah, L, if you have the feet of a bear, you can't go in the library"
Us: "Bwahaha hahahaha!!"
The other thing took place in the bathtub. The boys were in there for their Sunday night cleanse, and I was in the bedroom sorting laundry (yes, I was bathing the children AND sorting laundry on Mother's Day; but that's a topic for another blog). I overheard one of them humming that song "Love Game" by Lady GaGa. You know, the one that goes something like this; "...I wanna take a ride on your disco stick. Let's play a love game...."
R:"Mommy, what's a disco stick?"
Me: Really I don't know, but I have a general idea of what the song is infering. So I went into the bathroom to answer. "I have no idea! What do you think it is?"
R: "I don't know."
L: " I know!! It's one of those pogo sticks, that you jump on, with a disco ball on the end of it!"
Hmmmmm, pretty creative thinking for a five-year-old.
R: "Nooo!!! That's not it!"
L: "Yes it is!!"
R: "No it's not!!"
You get the idea. After a few minutes, and I had left the room:
R: "You know like those guys that dance, with a stick, and a hat?" HUH???No idea. " Well, maybe it's that stick, but then, how would you ride on it? And why would you want to?"
Me: laughing quietly to myself in the other room, imagination running wild. I wonder constantly about when is a good time to bring up sex. He is 7.5 now. He is also a smart kid. I definitely don't want him to get the wrong ideas about it like I did from kids at school. When that first conversation comes up with his buds, I want him to know that that is wrong, or this is right already, and not be left out of the loop. But, I also don't want to kill his innocense. I've always just kind of waited for the questions, knowing that I would probably be the one he queried, and that I would answer as honestly and simply as possible. So when would I expect to get these questions? By all means, I am not looking forward to them, I just don't want him to be the last one to know either. Hmmm...

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