Friday, May 22, 2009

Wedding Attire

I think I complained a wee bit too much. Once again, stupid Canadian weather changes its mind. Today it is freezing. Back to pants and sweaters and a jacket weather. Sheesh.

Today we are gearing up for our big weekend. My little sis is getting married!! It's so exciting! The boys are in the wedding as ring bearers, as well as my niece, M (2.5 yrs). My sis has been so great about everything. I thought she would be a bridezilla, but she SOOO has NOT been! She let us pick whatever we wanted to wear, which is going to be pants and a top if you can believe it. My other sis is 8 mos preggo, and was absolutely not going to be caught dead in a dress or even a skirt. So we picked pants, and tried to match as best as we could considering one of us is wearing maternity wear.

Here is the shirt and pants the boys are wearing from Gymboree. They are also wearing a cute pink tie but I couldn't find a picture of it on the Gymboree website.
Keep your fingers crossed for good weather for us tomorrow!

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