Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Little Taste Part II

I had my second "day off" this week. I could sooooo do the SAHM thing. Too bad I live in the real world where money apparently doesn't fall from the sky or magically appear in my bank account, no matter how hard I wish it.

My sister N came over with my niece M and nephew T. Even though T wasn't feeling his best, I loved, loved, loved their visit. M was an angel, and T was cuteness to the nth degree. It felt so, so weird to be hanging out at the park with them and no kids in tow. Very strange. It kind of even made me feel old somehow. I think it was because ALL the other adults there were moms and dads with under 5's. And it was busy too.

I think I'm starting to come to an acceptance now. That that part of my life is over for good. No more babies, no more diapers or car seats or mom and tot swimming lessons. *sniff*

But the more I'm away from that, the more I appreciate the fact that my boys are older. They can express themselves, buckle themselves into the car, dress and feed themselves (even make themselves food!), and I never again have to adhere to a nap schedule. That part is awesome! I still get some cuddles (from R mostly), and both boys have expressed to me that they do miss me when I'm not around, which is nice to hear.

But back to the SAHM thing. I'm starting to see how I could fill those days with things to do. My house would be mostly clean, my taxes would be done, I could visit more often with other adults, I could volunteer at the school and even (gasp!) join a gym!

Well, I had better not think about that too much, for fear I fall into a deep depression. Perhaps in a few years when DH is (hopefully) working fulltime and finished with school, I can possibly cut back on my days, and actually have a day or two off each week. Of course by then I'm betting that helping in the classrooms is going to be an opportunity missed, but I could maybe help with the milk program or something. Perhaps even go on a field trip or two.

Hmmmm, dreaming of those days...Well, for now, until I find a replacement for the child I lost to Montesorri, I will enjoy my odd day here and there most definitely!

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