Friday, May 21, 2010

Things I Can't Seem To Find Anymore

Have you ever had a favourite product that just sort of, disappeared? From the stores, I mean. Boy, does that ever drive me crazy. We have had several disappear lately, so if you are from Ontario (Canada) and you know where I can find these things, please let me know!
My boys like waffles and pancakes for breakfast. Not something I really want to start their day off with, sugar and white flour, but I have found in the past Eggo Plus Fibre waffles. I used to be able to find them in three different flavours; cinnamon, plain and blueberry. Now, I can't find any at all!! I don't get it. I really thought the trend towards eating more whole grain foods was really picking up, so why get rid of this product? Perhaps it's just where I live, but I can't find them in any of the grocery chains around here. And I know, just because it says plus fibre doesn't make it whole grain, but it does make it a healthier choice than the regular kind.
DH really enjoys the Nature Valley Maple Flavour granola bars. I can find many other flavours of Nature Valley granola bars, but these specific ones seem to have disappeared as well.
L will occasionally eat tomato soup. I got him onto this because he liked the Heinz brand of Spiderman soup. It is essentially tomato soup with Spiderman shaped pasta in it. Now, of course, I can't find it anywhere! I can find Heinz Spiderman Pasta, but this is not soup, you see.
Occasionally, I will pick up So Nice soy milk, usually around Christmas when they sell their version of egg nog, called Noel Nog. I like it because I'm lactose intolerant, and I've not yet found a lactose-free version of regular egg nog. However, I used to come across the same brand of soy milk with other flavours such as cappuccino, or chai. I know, yuck, soy milk, but these were quite good. Alas, I never see these around anymore.
Well, that's my rant for the morning. Not terribly interesting, but I felt like writing my annoyance about these things.


  1. Have you tried emailing the company? They may be able to tell you if they stopped making it or if you can find it elsewhere. Perhaps they can ship it to you.

    Happy long weekend.


  2. For the waffles, have you considered making your own?? That way you know exactly what is in them, can cut back on the sugar and use whole wheat flour if you like. I know they are time consuming, but make a double batch on the weekend, stick 'em in a ziploc freezer bag and put in the fridge (or freezer if you won't be using them for awhile), then put one in the toaster for school morning breakfast. The recipe I have makes about 5 or 6 big waffles (I think I have a belgian waffle maker...the one that is a big circle that splits the waffle into four triangles...hopefully that makes sense). My kids will eat about 2 of them and the rest are used for during the week when desired. I do the same with leftover pancakes.

    As for the soy milk, do you have a Zehr's near you? I get my flavored soy milk there. The only ones of So Nice that they sell though are vanilla bean and caramel machiatto. LOVE the caramel one....tastes like a Timmy's ice cap, but without all the calories and crap in it. I even blend it with ice to make it slushy like an ice cap. On the bottle though, it says it's only available for a limited time. So who knows how long it will stay around. It's been available here since just after Christmas (that I've noticed) so maybe it's just a marketing ploy.

  3. The waffles would be because the company had that fire at their factory months back and had to scale back what they were producing. so HUGE shortage and my understanding is they are getting rid (at least for short term) some of the varieties until production is back on track.

    For the others - who knows but I agree. Although for us it tends to be when they take something someone in our family REALLY likes and change it somehow. They say they are making it "better" but then my boys won't eat the "better" product at all. Frustrating!!