Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wishful Wednesday

I wish...

I could reverse time.

  • I would go back and revisit the days when I was nursing my babies. I miss that closeness.
  • I would eat less during that nursing time, so my body could have used up its fat storage.
  • I would put my foot down about some monetary "loans" we made, so that we didn't do it, which would have changed a lot for where we are now today.

We could win the lottery. I know everyone wishes that, so why can't I? It doesn't have to be a big one, I'd be happy with the half million!!

There was some way to know if putting a lot of money into medication for a dog was going to pay off with having him live for many more years to come.

My sisters lived closer. I hate that we only see each other once a month or so. I wish they lived next door, or just down the street.

I had more willpower. Willpower to exercise regularly, to not eat treats, and to stay away from technology when I have things I should be doing otherwise!

I could be 17 again for a day or so, knowing what I know now. There are so many more risks I'd take! I was too shy, too cautious as a teen. I still am, really.

What do you wish?


  1. Some of my wishes are the same as yours. But I'd wish also that my kids *remembered* the closeness of nursing. They forget so quickly. It's only been a month, and K doesn't ask for it at bedtime anymore :(

    I'd wish, instead of winning the lottery, to just have enough money that we don't have to work unless we wanted to, and that we could still live comfortably. I guess maybe that would be from winning the lottery, or it could just be money landing in our lap.

    I'd wish I paid more attention in cooking class (it was my "basketweaving" type of course in HS) so that making meals now wasn't as hard. Or as hard to learn to do.

    I'd wish for more patience with my children. I don't seem to have much of that right now. I'd want the patience to deal with their behaviour when it's bad, and the patience to sit and play/craft with them as much as they'd like.

  2. I will take the lottery win so I can stay home with my little guy.