Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Waste of a Day

I am quite upset. Today was supposed to have been a perfect day, my last "day off". Next week I will have a new baby starting, and the schedule I have goes back to normal. Sigh.
I had so many wonderful plans for today. And it's such a BEAUTIFUL day as well.
So how did I spend it?
In bed, asleep, for the most part.
This morning I got up at my normal 6 am, and became so dizzy I almost hit the wall going into the bathroom. I had to steady myself against the bathroom counter before I could go turn on the shower. While in the shower, I was still dizzy, trying desperately to keep my head still (which is the only thing that seems to help) while wetting my hair. Do you know how hard that is? Not an easy task unless you want water pouring down your face. I didn't even bother to actually wash (I know, ewww, but I do take a shower every day!) and instead just wet myself before stepping out I was so nauseous.
My DH comes into the shower shortly after I do, as he has his breakfast first, and I begged asked him if he would stay home and help me this morning. Of course, I already knew he wouldn't, as that's just the type he is. I have to be literally dying first.
So I took a Gravol, and went downstairs to soldier on with my day. I told the boys they had to make their own lunches today, which I normally do myself, as I don't really think a lunch of nothing but chewy granola bars and cookies is entirely healthy. But today I couldn't care less. As long as they didn't come home starving, I'm happy enough with that lunch.
They also had to make their own breakfast, which they are getting better at, as that is a more frequent occurrence. I then drove them to school, which I NEVER do, and came home to bed.
Gravol totally knocks me out, and now it is wearing off, so I am now more lucid, but also more nauseous. Time to decide if I can make it through without it, since I have to go and get all the kids from school soon.


  1. You wet yourself?

    (hahahaha heee heee hee, heh heh, er, ha)

    Sorry, couldn't help myself. I hope you're able to get some decent sleep tonight and whatever it is doesn't hit you again tomorrow. I know what it's like to desperately wish for the beloved DH to stay home and help ... and not do it. I, too, have to be practically on death's door to get my DH to stay home. Then I get to feel guilty about it during my fever or a lucid moment.

    The odd lunch of junk won't hurt them that bad. I'm glad you didn't worry about it too much :)

    I hope your day is better now, and that you're MUCH better tomorrow!

  2. HOpe you're feeling much better. Maybe the nauseousness is a surprise pregnancy?? (sorry...don't slap me....just a thought)

  3. That sucks. What a terrible day off.


  4. Er, I actually had the same thought as Lacia at first ...

    Heh, heh, heh ;)