Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So this is me when I was three. As you can see, I have red hair. I used to have quite a lovely shade of red I think. It wasn't too orange, or too blond, just the right amount of "carrot".
(BTW, check out the sylin' wallpaper in the background, and the tweed?? curtains!)

My hair colour isn't something I've ever hated. I've never wished to be a blond, or to have brown hair, or any other colour. I've never dyed it, not even for Hallowe'en. I have however, wished for straighter hair.
Can you blame me??? .....
Grade 12 (I think)

Grade 11
Go ahead. Laugh. I did.

It wasn't until much later in grade 13 that I started to discover the virtues of plenty of HAIR PRODUCT! And still, it wasn't until I was well into adulthood that I found out about wonderful things like anti-frizz serum and molding paste and Morrocan oil.

Even still, it takes a professional hair stylist two freaking hours to do this:

I really hate how old I look in this picture, but it's the best one I had of my hair straightened for my sister's wedding in '09. I'm going to blame the quality of the picture for aged effect. Yeah, that's it...

Anyhow, as you can see from the pictures as I've aged my hair has darkened. And today, it looks darker than ever. The sun has always brought highlights out in my hair, and made it shine and brighten, and of course not seeing the sun now for a good four months has brought my hair to a dull I-don't-know-what-colour. I want my auburn hair back. It was unique to me, something all my own. I don't remember my hair ever being this dark in the winter though. I hope it's not permanent. I seriously don't want to have to resort to being a fake red-head. **shudder**


  1. I thought of your R when I saw your first pic! Such a similarity, though I'm sure you don't see it :)

    Would you believe that as a kid, my hair was so blonde it was almost white? I'll have to dig out a picture sometime. Now the only natural highlights I have are just at my temples ... the rest is fake. No full dye job (**shudder!**), but highlights. I look in the mirror and see a brunette, and wonder who the heck that is looking back at me!

    Try some lemon juice in your hair this summer, or chamomile tea (or chamomile something ...). I think mine was blonder when I was younger because I swam in a friends pool a lot: sun + chorine = bleaching.

    I also say that I'm sucking the colour from my DH's hair - mine's going darker while his is going lighter!

  2. I like the curls better than the straight but you know how much I spent trying to get my hair to look like yours. Sorry to hear you are going darker. I love your auburn, too.