Tuesday, February 8, 2011

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Wow, today is cold! We went from about -1 or -2 yesterday, to a very chilling -25 + a windchill this morning! BRRRRR....At least now it's sunny.

I really have no idea what to post here today. I wanted to write something originally about the Christina Aguilera epic fail, and I know that's been done but here it is anyway. At first I was appalled and shocked that someone could mess up so badly singing their country's most precious song. I mean, if you have been honored with singing your country's national anthem at your country's most watched and biggest sporting event of the year, you'd think you would want to do the very best you could. As a very patriotic Canadian, I would be horrified if one of my fellow Canadians did the same thing. I know our anthem has been messed up, but it's usually by American singers, and if they can mess up their own song, then...

But as I went onto Youtube and typed in "Christina Aguilera national anthem", I got not only the Superbowl, but other videos of her singing to open other events. And on those ones she did just fine. I just think the poor girl probably got so nervous that she messed up. Who wouldn't be nervous? You're singing in front of MILLIONS of people. But the look on those faces of the soldiers that were there. You could tell what they were thinking.

One week until Valentine's Day. Honestly, I could care less. I've never had much love for this Hallmark holiday. I think it's fun for the kids, and gives me a theme to work with during the boring dull days of February, but ever since I got too old to pass out Valentine cards, I pretty much hated it. In high school, it was just another "rub it in my face" thing proving once again how unpopular I was. Don't get me wrong, I had great friends, I just wasn't popular with boys at all. And they always did these stupid secret Valentine things, where for a week or so before the holiday you could purchase a rose, or candy or something, and have it sent to the chosen person for $0.50 or $1 or something. You could leave it anonymous, which a lot of people did. I'm sure I sent some out, but I don't ever remember receiving any. The day would come, and those cursed messengers would come around to the classroom to deliver the goods. And I would hope and hope that they would call my name, but they never did. Or if they did it would be something from a girlfriend. Not what I was hoping for.

Post-high school it didn't matter to me either. Well, one year I got dumped on Valentine's Day, so that pretty much killed any hope for the holiday I ever had. When I finally got a boyfriend that could and would dote on me and make Valentine's Day what it was supposed to be, it was nothing special. The guy was so good to me ALL the days of the year that it was nothing new. (Why did I break up with him again???LOL)

Now it's more about money, I mean the fact that we don't really celebrate. I despise spending $5 on a piece of paper to tell the person I married that I love him. Really? I do it anyway, if I have time to find a card, because I feel bad to be empty-handed that day, but I don't like it. And I'd love for us to have a romantic weekend away, but I can't afford that. And trying to organize a babysitter and go out for dinner...more money and more hassle. I would like to do those things regardless of the calendar date, the fact that it says Feb 14 is irrelevant to me.

Dead Cupid
Ha ha, I googled anti-Valentine's Day images, and I like this one the best. There were other funny ones, but I didn't want to get carried away. I don't HATE Valentine's Day, I just don't look forward to it. I like it for the kids. And for the candy they bring home!

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  1. I hate Valentine's Day and I find that image hilarious. It's amazing how much guilt the day of love can bring on isn't it?