Sunday, February 17, 2013

Feb 17

So far, so good. Today and yesterday haven't been bad at all. Of course, it's the weekend - a long weekend at that - and therefore not many stress triggers.
Yesterday R and L bought themselves a pet fish each for their rooms. Of course I'm thinking the novelty will wear off quickly and we'll be back to where we were when we owned our guinea pigs: me, fighting with them on a regular basis about cleaning them out!
Ah well, at least fish are pretty cheap. And L is quite enamoured for now, with Richard (his fish). That's Richard after Richard Hammond from Top Gear.
So, not much to report right now, although I'm sure tomorrow night will tell a different story. Every time I think about it my stomach twists.
His stress has me so stressed out. I'm dreading tomorrow night. I can't wait for Thursday. That's his paediatrician appointment, and I'm hoping we can get some more answers. At least some tests done anyway. I want to rule out anything physical that may be in his head.

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