Friday, February 22, 2013

Feb 22

Once again, L was home from school today (another 2- day school week, sigh). Last night at around 11:30, he woke up and puked, then felt very nauseous for the rest of the night until he finally gave in to the Gravol and slept. In the morning he was in better spirits than yesterday,(go figure he was staying home from school) but he continued to have an upset stomach for the day and ate only small amounts of bland food. By this evening, I'm sure he was feeling ok since he REALLY wanted to have some pizza, but under the advisement not to, he decided it was better to wait until tomorrow instead of pushing it.
Then came bedtime. At 8:25 I turned off the tv and announced time for bed, at which point he protested and whined. Then, suddenly and magically he was feeling nauseous again.
Now I know he isn't making it up, but I'm pretty convinced that he's making himself nauseous with stress or worry or whatever.
Over what, though?
He's not going to school tomorrow as it's Saturday, and he doesn't have homework for the weekend, so I can only think that he is worrying himself sick over being sick.
Ridiculous, eh?
I gave him some more Gravol to hopefully relax him and induce sleep and we put a movie on in his room with the timer set for 40 mins.
He was fine then, for forty mins.
Then he came downstairs, crying that he felt nauseous again. So the thing that was taking his mind off feeling sick was off and now he had nothing to distract him. The movie thing is great, only he won't fall asleep to it, which would be ideal. He just stays awake watching it, then starts the pattern all over again.
I told DH that I'm worried now this is something else to add to his list, and now instead of crying and/or screaming and/or lamenting, we'll have to endure increasing hours of nausea.
Well, he will, and I'll have to endure sitting there rubbing his back and wishing I could take it away, and both of us not getting all the sleep we need.
I don't doubt that L's sleep debt is racking up, but it seems like no matter what, lately we can't seem to get him more sleep. Earlier bedtimes get stretched to late ones, late ones become later, telling him to sleep in is like telling your newborn to sleep in. He wants to sleep in on school days of course, but on days he doesn't need to be up, he's ALWAYS awake before 7. I even tried to get him to nap today. We both lied down on the couch, the tv off, fireplace on, blankets on all cozy, and who slept?
Yes, me.
When I cracked my eyes open, I could see he had retrieved his iPod and was playing that. He said he slept a bit, but I don't believe it.
So as of now, it's 10:15 and I'm wishing I could go to bed, and I will soon. But I need him to be asleep first, because honestly, I'd rather stay awake all night than be woken an hour after drifting off to "MOOOOMMMEEEEEEEE!"
Fingers crossed he's asleep now.
Please, please be asleep.

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  1. My coworker's son, who has anxiety, got anxiety attacks over being sick. Worrying about sick. What must go through his head. Here's hoping for sleep.