Friday, March 11, 2011

Disney Details

I promised details of our Disney trip and now that it is all booked, here you go!

We are flying Air Transat (not my first choice, but really, beggars can't be choosers!) and thank God it is a non-stop flight! Our flight leaves at something like 7:00 in the morning, so it's going to be a long day! We are thinking that we'll stay over at the in-laws, since that's where the Nan lives, and then just go from there at 4:00 a.m. or whatever God-awful hour we have to go. I am going to put the kids to bed in their clothes so they don't have to do too much dressing when we wake them, just shoes and a jacket hopefully. I'm really hoping they'll go back to sleep in the car, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.

We are going for one week, and it'll be over Easter break so there are two less days that I need to take off. We are staying in a condo/resort-type-place, and it has three bedrooms and two bathrooms and a kitchen. Oh, and laundry too, so I won't have to pack too many clothes, we can just do a load or two and re-wear outfits. The downside to this place is that it's not like a hotel and there is no maid service, only if you pay extra for it. I don't really care about that, as I regularly live in filth and disarray, but I wasn't so sure about the Nan. So I made sure that DH mentioned it to her, so she didn't ream out the front desk staff when she found her bed unmade and no fresh towels in the bathroom. Or if she wants to pay extra for a cleaning, that's her prerogative. I won't be. I can go waaaaaaaayyyyyy longer than a week without cleaning! LOL!

The best part about this place (I think, since we haven't gone there yet) is the pool. Check it out! Sorry, I know the image is tiny but I had to steal it off the Facebook page for the resort. But look at that pirate ship! Isn't that just neat-o? I really hope that we get some nice weather so we can enjoy the pool to the fullest!

So now we have to decide when to tell the boys. As I said, we have to tell them with the Nan present, which I totally support, but also a pain because she lives an hour away! So we can't just decide, "Oh, today seems like a good day!" At first, I thought it wouldn't be too hard to keep it a secret, but DH was skeptical. I wrote all the daycare parents a note, telling them I'd be taking time off and asking them to please keep the secret and please not tell their own children either. It seems to be working so far...but....
Last weekend we were shopping in one of my favourite kids' clothing stores, Please Mum , and DH slipped across the mall hallway to check out the prices of Disney tickets at the Disney Store. As I was yelling at coaxing the kids to try on bathing suits in the changeroom at the back of the store, he was on the phone to the Nan relaying the info he'd gleaned. After we came out of the changeroom, the gloriously overly-pushy and insanely nosy store clerk showed me some zip-off pants, and proceeded to announce very loudly to the boys, "So I hear you're going to Florida? These would be GREAT for the plane!!" at which point I looked at her with a death glare and in a completely unsubtle manner (no, I'm no actress) screamed replied, "We're not going to Florida! Oh no, not us!!"

Luckily, she caught on quickly to her stupidity and backtracked saying, "Oh, that was someone else I was thinking of!"

Luckily, my children aren't suspicious of anything, because it's just so completely out of the realm of believable things that we would even consider going. They know that, and hold no hope (I think).

And luckily (and I can't believe I am saying this), they hate hate HATE shopping and I don't think they were even paying attention, as they were off standing at the entrance to the store praying that their mother would hurry her ass up and end their torture toute suite!

It would really suck to have to go and tell the Nan that her surprise was ruined by an extremely nosy store clerk! (Seriously, who listens in on other people's phone conversations and then comments on them?!! That's totally admitting to your own rudeness and lack of manners!) Conversely, it would really suck to have to convince the boys to be surprised for a second time (yeah, their acting skills are as good as mine!)

So those are the details thus far. We plan to do Disney for about four days, I think. One park each day. We're debating about a fifth, in case we missed something, but we're also debating about Universal. It's just as expensive though, so I'm not sure about that. Perhaps Sea World. Any thoughts from anyone that's been there?


  1. Sounds like things are getting together quickly and easily! You guys will have fun.

    As for the parks, I can't remember the age of your kids, but I think they're all about 7 or under? Anyways, we go to Disney every year and last year was the first year we did Universal. Universal is nice, but I think more for older kids. They do have stuff for younger kids, but not like Magic Kingdom does. We only went last year because it was Christmas time and their Suess-ville was transformed to Who-ville and there was a Grinch stage show. We spent pretty much they entire time in that area because there wasn't much else the kids were really interested in. We also did Seaworld and I would recommend that. My kids really enjoyed it.

    If you have questions, you can always shoot me an email (theres a link on my blog) if you like. Also, has tons of great info on there. It's all written by people who have gone have has great tips. Are you planning on doing a character meal? If you can swing it, I would suggest it. Especially if your kids will really want to meet Mickey Mouse or Goofy. The lines to see them at the park are crazy, but at a character meal they come right to your table and you can take pictures and have them sign autograph books. They'll come to your table at least 2 or 3 times during your meal. Chef Mickey's at the Contemporary Hotel is a good one to go to. They're all pretty pricey, but it's worth it I think.

  2. Sounds like fun! Well, except the nosy clerk ;)

    The hotel setup sounds pretty good to me. When we go places, we tell the maid or put a sign on the door saying that we don't need the changes of sheets/towels/etc. We can tidy our beds ourselves (and by "we" I mean "I") and we use the same towel for a week at home before I switch them out for clean ones.

    You guys will have a BLAST! And while you need to take pictures, remember to have lots of fun too - it's YOUR vacation as well :)

  3. You need to make the drive to see Nan ASAP so you can tell the kids. It's going to come out and she will be disappointed to miss the surprise.

    We only went to Disney. I would spend the extra day there. Disney is unique. The others you can get mini versions here.