Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Disney Update

Yesterday I posted about Disney, and I had a friend read my post and comment about it on Facebook.
She said,"Is there any way to find out what hotel she was thinking of staying in? You could look it up and see what star it is, and if it is an all-inclusive or not. You shouldn't be afraid to ask her for more details, especially if she just said "I want to take you all to Disney with me!" You have a right, without being rude, to ask if she had any plans other than just going!"
I started to write her back, but then thought I should just post you all an update about what I was going to tell her.
Actually, the Nan is having us do all the research, but she has the final say of course. DH is looking up suites, but I don't think there is anything "all-inclusive", a la Carribean resort style. We have seen some hotels with breakfast included, but that's about it. He did ask her about meals, and it sounds like she's paying, so that's a relief. I did express all my thoughts to DH, and he agreed and said he would try to watch himself, both with her and the boys. It set my mind at ease a bit. He also asked her about the part regarding her fatigue, if she wanted to go back to the hotel early and whatnot. She simply said she would bring a book, and to "leave her on a bench and come back for her in an hour". As accommodating as that seems, I don't see that as being very realistic. I just hope we can find a hotel not too far away from the parks, as it looks as though we will be renting a car unless we're right in a Disney resort, and that way if she really wants to go, she can catch a cab or something.
DH did say that the Nan remarked that she wouldn't be waiting for anyone for breakfast, meaning, we would need to get our butts in gear quickly. Now, I don't intend to waste my days sleeping in, but I also don't want someone standing over me huffing and puffing and harping at me that they're hungry. And I know that she is OCD about her breakfast. I've seen that much from being at the cottage with her. As soon as she leaves her bed she comes out to the kitchen, and regardless of who is already in there, or if someone is cooking something, or still sleeping, or whatever, she will basically push them out of the way to get her breakfast.
See, ornery.
Anyhow, DH and I thought it would be best then to either find a hotel that does free breakfast, or has suites, with a separate bedroom and kitchenette. That way, we can have breakfast in the hotel suite and eat when we please.
I just hope that we can get all this booked. It's all well and good to have us research and decide stuff, but until we find out for sure tomorrow afternoon sometime that DH is going to be good to go for entering the States, we can only look but not touch. And stuff is filling up. One of the resorts that looks best suited has like, three rooms left or something, and the flights are getting lean too. We can't be separated on flights. Well, not too much. We can do two, two and one, but I can't leave my children alone to fend for themselves on the other side of the plane! They are definitely not seasoned travelers!


  1. Great news. We stayed at a holiday inn just outside of the Disney resort. It had a kitchenette and free shuttle bus so Nan could take the bus home when she was tired.

    Might be better than renting a car.

    And if breakfast is all she is firm about, it seems like a good deal.


  2. Sunwing. Check out Sunwing. Cheap and gives you food.


  3. Hey - I recognize those quoted words ;)

    I'd try to bring as much food as you can (not sure about plane restrictions on food though), especially the junk that the kids will ask for. Bring water bottles, etc. to fill up at the hotel and make them know that THAT is the beverage of choice. You can always treat them on your own terms ;)

    I hear you with the breakfast thing. I want to eat when *I* want to eat, not when someone dictates it. If you can get a breakfast-included place, than you have no worries. She can go on her own, or with whomever would like to join her.

    Do keep in mind that it's only for a set number of days. You won't be sharing space/time with her for weeks on end here. We all have our own ways of doing things, and don't like changing them much sometimes, but for travelling purposes some things have to give :)

    I wish you luck finding a hotel!