Thursday, March 10, 2011


Now that our vacation to Florida has been booked (we still haven't told the kids yet) I have begun to make lists in my head. I'll be doing something mundane, like cleaning up the kitchen or fixing lunches and I'll suddenly think, "Oh! I need to make sure that we bring _____ (whatever)." Or, "I need to get the kids _________." I can't possibly remember all the things that I have to bring or remember to do, so I need to get writing it down.
I love to make lists. I always have. I also like to fill out forms (who doesn't, I mean, it's like a test that you know all the answers to without having to study!) I guess this comes from my rational, logical Libra personality. Even as a kid, I liked to make lists. I made lists about what doll or stuffed toy would wear what article of clothing, or itemize things in my desk drawers. I especially love to make lists to do with going on vacation. My lifetime friend, Lisa, also shares this passion. She knows what I'm talking about!
There's just something about having every little detail written down, and being able to cross things off. It's....satisfying somehow.
My friend at Running Out of Hands caught me on to an iPod touch app that you can make lists and cross things off. It's quite handy, and takes up less space than multiple pieces of paper. It's called ShopShop. I used it when I was making our Xmas lists, which was so handy because I didn't have to worry about the list being found by nosy little kids. The best part is is it's free!


  1. Oh, I so understand the love of lists. Is the app nearly as fulfilling as pen and paper? Alex has one similar but I think it's called something different.

    things to do on plane
    bathing suit

  2. Weeeee! I got mentioned on your blog again, LOL!

    I love lists too :) Errands is a great (free!) app that lets you make a ToDo list and date the items, mark them with priority (which I rarely use) and set repeats - like change the bed sheets every two weeks, or vacuum day.

    When we go to the cottage or on a trip where we stay in a hotel, I usually add items for each day, with a due date. Have clothes packed by this day, food by that date, etc. You can add notes to each item too.

    ShopShop and Errands are THE most used apps on my iPod Touch :)

    I love lists too :)