Monday, June 15, 2009

Calling Cards

I am frustrated beyond all belief.

Being the anal-retentive mom that I am, I decided to make my boys "calling cards". I've realized over the past few summers, that it is very difficult to make playdates on those boring days, when you don't have the child's phone number, or last name, or know where they live! Last year, around this time of year, I got R to have his friends at school write down their phone numbers. But it is sometimes difficult to decipher a 6 year old's handwriting.

So, I decided to make calling cards for my two, and hopefully they won't get lost by the other kids' moms and my kids might actually be popular this summer.

I used Microsoft Publisher for the first time today. It isn't too hard to figure out, only getting it to print correctly was a bit tricky. I actually had some business card sheets lying around, but no matter what I did, I could not for the LIFE OF ME, get this DAMN thing to print correctly!! I'd print out a tester sheet first, using plain paper. But when it would turn out alright, I'd put in the thicker business card sheet, and BAM, it would come out wrong. The card would not line up with the perforated edges no matter what. ARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!

So, I gave up, and I printed them on plain paper, and I think we will cut them out, and then glue them onto the business cards. Sigh......

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  1. Neat idea! I've been wondering about how to get numbers of the kids Alice plays with at school. The only thing I can come up with is ask the teacher (via a note in Alice's work folder) for the full names of the kids, then look 'em up on ... It likely won't work. With your idea, it might work to have Alice give the cards to the kids she might like to play with (I'd only give her three or four, since I, er, don't want to have too many more kids running rampant around my house than I alreeady have with my own!). Hmmm ... food for thought.