Monday, June 22, 2009


For weeks I have been walking the kids to school and thinking about how I need to bring my camera along with me. There is this "naturalized" area that we pass through, that has a hill full of wildflowers. They are so pretty, or they were a week ago when the hill was covered with them. Now that I FINALLY remembered to bring my camera along with me, there aren't as many, so this picture doesn't do it justice. I think the flowers are called Bachelor's Button, or at least that's what one mom called them once. I will have to Google it.

Ok, I am still getting used to using this blog program, it doesn't seem very user friendly to me, but whatever. I tried to put another picture between the paragraphs, but instead it went on top of the picture of the blue flowers, and I don't know how to get it off, or move it, so there it is. It is my picture of the Sweet William that is growing in this same area. I love this flower. It is soooo pretty. I am very tempted to go and dig it up and plant it in my own garden, but would that be like stealing? I don't know... I wouldn't want someone to see me doing it anyhow.


  1. Those are really pretty!

    Posting pics on blogger can be a pain in the butt. When you are in the "post a new post" area (where you type your post) you will see two tabs at the top right of the area that you're typing in. One says "edit", one says "compose". If you click on compose, you will see the actual picture on your post. You can just grab it and drag it down to where you want it placed. If you're in edit mode, you will just see a code and you will have to cut and paste it to where you want. Adding picutres usually messes up the spacing of your paragraphs so I find it easier to upload all my pics first, the place them in the order I want and type what I want around them. Hope that makes sense.

  2. Thanks, I will have to try that!!

  3. I, too, enjoy seeing the "wilderness" when we're out and about near home. It can be so ... calming.