Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Little Rider

Ok, you know how I said that I wasn't really in any hurry to take of L's training wheels yet? Well, they're off.
I had been noticing on his rides to and from school that he was barely using the training wheels at all. Most of the time, they weren't touching the ground, and he was balancing easily in between.
So yesterday I asked him if he'd like to try riding his brother's old bike (which is close to his bike's size, and already has the trainers off which left less work for me if he decided that wasn't his cup of tea just yet), and he said yes.
So, off I went, getting my workout running up and down the sidewalk. But I didn't really have to hold on, he mostly balanced all by himself! I reminded him to put his feet down if he felt unsteady, and for the most part I only had to help him stop and start.
Today, he was even better. He started to be able to turn. So I took his training wheels off on his bike, as it is a little smaller and easier for him to control, and I just couldn't believe how amazing he was doing! He even executed a tight u-turn, and has almost got the hang of starting! I'm just so proud of him, and a little sad too. It's bittersweet how your babies grow up and don't need help anymore isn't it? *sniff*

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