Wednesday, June 10, 2009

HOORAY!!! It's that time of year again...

Click on the picture to make it bigger... The first strawberries of the season from my garden!!! Yaaayy! I LOVE fresh, Ontario strawberries; they are the BEST strawberries in the world.

Ok, I know, I sound a little over-enthusiastic, but when you live in a country where your produce is home-grown and fresh for only a few months a year, you do tend to get a little excited about the season. And other than peach season, strawberry season is my favourite! I have yet to taste strawberries from anywhere else that are better than fresh, Ontario strawberries. YUM!

And these babies were no exception...

They were a little earlier than normal, which is kind of weird considering the crazy cold weather we've been having, but in a few weeks we'll be able to go strawberry picking and I soooo look forward to coming home with baskets upon baskets of them.

When I was a kid, we'd eat so many strawberries at this time, that we'd actually get tired of them!

So here's to strawberry season... Hip Hip Hooray!


  1. oh I sooooooo hear ya!!! Every summer when I was growing up we'd go to a local farm and pick baskets upon baskets of them. Literally. ANNND we ate ever single one. Didn't bake with them, didn't make jam with them, just sat and pigged out on them. Oddly though, my kids have never been strawberry picking. It would have been too tough to do it when they were really little, then another one would come along and juat made things more difficult. Maybe this year will be the year.

    Oh, and I was going to mention that I'm shocked you have berries so early...especially with the crappy weather. I've got nothing on my plant yet.

  2. I think the earliness of the berries is due to the placement of the very small strawberry patch I have. It's in a very sheltered area, gets sun mostly all day and is right up against the brick of the house, which holds the heat too.
    You should take them picking this year!! It's actually pretty amazing how helpful they can be. With my (well, last year) 6 & 4 yr old, we got two baskets filled in no time at all!!

  3. I've got strawberries for the first time this year (from a neighbour) and they're in a neat planter from Lee Valley. One of the berry's is almost completely red! The rest are still predominently white. I hope they last until we're back from the cottage on Monday.