Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sunscreen Confusion

I am soooo confused. It seems that at every turn, I am getting more conflicting information.

Remember the days when we didn't wear sunscreen? Only if we were going to the beach for the day? Then, along came the information that we should wear sunscreen regularly on SUNNY days. That was back when in our house, we had an SPF 4, an SPF 8, and woah, hold on, you won't believe it, an SPF 15!! Wow, can you imagine that? LOL.

We all thought SPF 15 was REALLY strong.

Then along came SPF 30 (Oh, my goodness!) and more info that you should wear sunscreen even on cloudy days (which I still don't; yah, I know, bad me.)

Nowadays, you can find SPF 50 up to 80 (I think that's the highest I've seen so far).

Personally, being a fair redhead, I've always stuck with the 45 to 55 range.

Recently though, my hubby heard that there really is no difference between the 30 and higher. You are no better protected wearing SPF 60 than you are SPF 30. Waaahh??? Apparantly, if you are forking out for the thick, creamy, 70, you are wasting your money.


We are just supposed to put on the sunscreen every two hours.

I remember a time I was informed that you are supposed to use a higher SPF every time you reapplied in a day.


Now I just heard that sunscreen contains many toxic ingredients, which is why we shouldn't put it on babies (I always thought it was for allergy reasons), and that really, the only safe sunscreen would be that zinc stuff that doesn't absorb into the skin, it just sits on top. Ick.

I'd rather be fully clothed, thank you.

So I don't know what we are supposed to think. I can't stay inside all summer, and wouldn't anyway. I also can't be fully clothed all summer either, I'd die of heat! So I guess it's down to this - wear sunscreen (30, 'cause, less chemicals that way), reapply often (ugh) and at least die a little slower of the toxins than I would of skin cancer!


  1. You know what else adds to the confusion? I read recently that wearing sunscreen stops Vitamin D from being absorbed through your skin, and since Vitamin D is a necessary vitamin (plus it helps with Seasonal Affective Disorder) and one which we don't get much of food-wise ... we lose out on getting it from the sun if we wear a lot of sunscreen. Could you follow that run-on sentence (LOL).

    I'm lazy with applying the SPF 30 sunscreen we have, but my face cream is also an SPF. We do a lot of hat wearing, and try not to stay outside for too long.

  2. That part I've actually read about. If you go onto the Canadian Dermatological website, it explains about that, so as far as that goes, I'm not too concerned :)