Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Disney: Day 3

Disney: Day 3

Today we decided to take it somewhat easier. With such a late night last night, we wanted the boys to get as much sleep as possible, and also we wanted them in bed at a decent hour as tomorrow we have to get up early to go have breakfast with Stitch. After then we'll be heading back to the Magic Kingdom to finish the stuff we missed and round two of things we loved.
So today we decided on going to Hollywood Studios. Since there were a bunch of things we thought we wouldn't be terribly interested in, or two wimpy to go on (like the Tower of Terror) we thought we'd get the park done in a short amount of time. We pretty much did, but we missed out on the Toy Story attraction, as it as a 70 minute wait with no fast passes left.
We headed back to the condo at that point. All our feet were sore and I was seriously getting tired of the Nan. But I'll get back to that.
The boys really enjoyed the stunt shows, like Indiana Jones, and another one involving car chases. They also got a real kick out of the Honey I Shrunk The Kids play area. The best part for me was watching them in the Star Wars Padawan Jedi Training Academy. R was right into it, and I got some great video. Afterwards, we hit the gift shop and the boys each purchased a build-your-own lightsaber. I got my first, and likely only souvenir, a small stuffed ewok fridge magnet.
So back to the Nan. Despite the fact that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, I will just say that I will never again accept a "free" trip from her. You all (or as they are fond of saying down here in the south, y'all) know how I've fretted and stressed over the expense and money for this trip. And despite all the assurances from DH, my worries are coming to fruition. The first night we were here, in the T-Rex restaurant, she asked the waitress for a separate bill! DH and I were privately shocked (but actually not too surprised after all), as she had promised to pay for food. While I hadn't expected her to pay for lunches or snacks, we did figure that at least while we were sitting down to eat that she'd offer to foot the bill. So that was my first realization. Second came when later that night after the boys were in bed and DH and I went shopping, we had to pay for groceries that we were ALL sharing. I've also ended up cooking dinner for her once, and making her the lunch we took day two.
Now comes my biggest shock and also a bit of a panic. I'm trying not to dwell on it right now, but once the credit card bill comes in, I'll be crying I know. DH purchased all the Disney passes on our credit card, because it was up to us how we wanted to do things, like where to go, how many days and so on. So we picked five five-day passes. It worked out to just over $1200! Yes, Disney ain't cheap. She had been asking DH about how much it was so she could reimburse us. DH gave her the receipt this evening as I was at the stove cooking. When I heard her say to DH that she would give him half and would that be alright, I swear I nearly dropped the glass jar of spaghetti sauce on the floor!
We came on this trip because she told us she was going to pay for EVERYTHING!! Flight, hotel, tickets and food. I know this sounds selfish and ungrateful, but we really wouldn't have come had we known this trip would cost us so much. We really can't afford it. But here we are now, so I must put it out of my mind. I'm just a little pissed off. And it makes me want to ditch her even more. I'm very tired of waiting for her, because she's so slow and old and refuses thus far to get a wheelchair. I'm tired of having to curb my boys' (and my) eagerness to get to the next fun attraction because we have to wait for her. I'm tired of hearing her complain about her feet, back, hip, head, the heat, whatever, and smiling and trying to look sympathetic. I'm sorry. I know she's ancient, I mean elderly. I realize one day I will be too. And so far I've tried to constantly remind myself that we wouldn't be here if it weren't for her and to be nice. But now that I know I'm footing my own bill somewhat, it makes me want to get more of my money's worth! If I'm paying, I don't want to be held back and slowed down. I want to forge ahead and go at OUR pace, not hers.
And having her around is worse than taking a toddler to the park. Because with a toddler you can put them in a stroller, and tell them to stop whining, and ply them with treats and snacks. With her, she wanders off, butts in line, talks to and yells at strange children, and practically stamps her foot when she wants her own way. Do you know we had to take her to Walmart because she insisted? She wanted to buy new slippers! Who the F needs slippers in this god damn heat?? I was surprised they actually sold them, and at this time of year too.
((Deep breaths....in.....and out....))
Day 4, here we come.
God give me strength, as my mother would always say.

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