Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Disney: Day Two

Disney: Day Two
What a busy day! I'm lying in bed awake this morning while the rest of the household sleeps. I don't know why I'm awake first, as I'm usually the best at sleeping in and the last to grudgingly wake up and get out of bed. I'm starving though, but I don't want to get breakfast as I'm loathe to do anything that'll wake the boys. We were out so late last night. It was after midnight by the time their little heads hit the pillows! But we had such a great time yesterday at the Magic Kingdom! Poor L was so tired that he fell asleep on DH on the tram ride back to the parking lot.
We did so many wonderful things and we haven't even finished the Magic Kingdom yet! We got totally soaked on Splash Mountain, which L hated and cried on after the final big drop, so now we know his limit for roller coaster type rides. Kind of glad now that Space Mountain was broken down, as we were almost on that one with him. I think he would have freaked out! I remember as a kid being really scared on it as my dad forced me and my sister N to go on with him.
I can't begin to tell you all the stuff that we did, so I'll tell you the favorites. The Haunted Mansion was definitely one of them, a ride that had to do with the character Stitch, the Laugh Floor by Monsters Inc., Mickey's Philharmagic, and for me, I loved the fireworks we saw at 10:00. We did take a break in the day to come back to the condo for a swim and supper, and it gave our feet a rest.
I'm loving that the boys have their own spending money. It's helping to teach them to spend more wisely, and they aren't asking me for everything they see!! No whining!! It also has really helped me to stop buying them everything I see, LOL!
So far, L has bought a Lego set from the big Lego store, a stuffed dino from T-Rex, a stuffed Stitch and a lanyard and two pins to go on it. He has a harder time not spending but he's doing very well for himself, I think. He considers more when he sees the prices if he really wants that or not, and he did choose the smaller, cheaper Stitch over the bigger one R bought.
R has purchased the Stitch, a set of three build-it-yourself Lego men, a geode you smash open to get crystals and that's it I believe. L also bought the geode.
We're not sure what park we're off to today, as we don't want another late night. We're off to a breakfast with some characters tomorrow morning, including Stitch, and we have to be there for 7:30 (yikes!) so definitely no late night!

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  1. Great about the spending money and no whining. PIcs soon I hope.