Thursday, April 28, 2011

Disney Day 7

Disney Day 7
Last full day today, sigh.
I've developed some kind of weird rash on my legs. I've never had anything like it. A few days ago, I had a rash on my feet and mainly my ankles that was covered by my socks. I had worn new socks that day that hadn't been prewashed, so I figured that was the problem. I'm not the type of person to develop skin reactions like that though. I've never had hives in my life, although mosquito bites aplenty! Now I have all these red bumps that look like a ton of mosquito bites on the tops of my thighs and spreading down my legs somewhat. The weird thing (or good thing I guess) is that they're not itchy at all or sore. They're just there. So odd. All I can figure is maybe a reaction to the sun, if that's possible, or sunscreen. I have used this sunscreen brand many times before and never had a problem with it, and I thought I would have a reaction in just more places than my legs.
Anyhow, back to Disney. Today was our final Disney day. Tomorrow, it's packing, breakfast, maybe a quick swim and we're off home. :(
I'm sad to be leaving the nice climate and the vacation feeling, but I'm ready to go home. I'm ready to go back to my own house, my own bed, my own mess and yes, the guinea pigs. I'm especially ready to get away from her. And I'm sure she's had enough of us too.
Today was tough. It started last night with the Nan telling us she wasn't coming today. Ok, fine by me. I set my alarm for 6 with intentions of us going out to a Waffle House for breakfast and then to Epcot. I read that it was the most walking, the biggest park and and to get there early if you could. I even made our lunches/snacks the night before.
So at around 7 SHE decides she's coming. Ugh. Which meant waiting around while she got ready.
Then off to breakfast we went. DH wanted to hit a Waffle House, just 'cause, and it was nothing great. Just a typical greasy spoon really. The waffles really weren't all that great; I like DH's much better. But I got to try some grits, which were nothing special either. Guess you have to have grown up with them to appreciate them. It's a southern thing.
The Nan, however, could only complain about the service (which was more than adequate really considering the waitresses are probably barely paid) and the fact that the strawberries weren't fresh on top of the waffle. GRRRRRRR. Again, WE paid for the meal. No thanks from HER. I think that makes one meal so far she's paid for. That's it.
And then we were off to Epcot. Another $14 parking for the day (let's see, that makes six days of parking we've paid for) but we finally got in a close lot. Despite my later than expected start, we still arrived in plenty of time for the opening. We convinced her to get a wheelchair this time (which was a blessing and a curse all at once) and again, DH paid. See a pattern here?? Sorry, I'm whining again.
We did quite a few rides in Epcot and beat alot of the crowds too thanks to careful planning. We all loved one ride called Test Track. It centers around testing cars for safety, durability, stability, etc. You get in a "car" and your car is put through a series of tests with the best one being high-speed cornering. The boys requested that we do that one again, so that was the last ride at Disney that we did. We also enjoyed Spaceship Earth, a slow moving ride about, well, the Earth (everything at Epcot is for learning experiences, it's like a suped up version of the Science Centre, only with rides and the magic of Disney, so, better!) We went on a movie ride starring Ellen Degeneres, and a few boat-type rides, and of course we walked around the world section with all the country pavilions. It also happened to be some sort of garden/flower festival too, so all the gardens and flowers were in bloom, with many butterflies, and cool Disney character topiaries. I will try and post some Disney pics soon, so look for a pictorial post soon.
As the day progressed, DH got more and more irritated with the Nan. I can't say that I blamed him. It seemed like as soon as she sat down in that wheelchair, she became an invalid. It was as if she couldn't walk anymore, like the first few days of all that walking around MK and such never happened! She started ordering DH around, telling him where to go and how to get there. By the end of the day, he was ready to push her into the lake in the middle of the park.
We left around 6:30, opting not to stay and pay for an expensive dinner or watch the fireworks show. L was dying for a swim, and I concurred. It was the hottest day so far, over 90 degrees! On the way home, we all discussed dinner. The options were to go out, which the kids didn't want and quite frankly neither did I, or to find food in our kitchen, which would be hard but not impossible, or get take-out. The Nan said she was fine with some soup she had purchased (yeah, the one and only food item she did buy, ok, not the only, but pretty much) and some toast. We decided to go for a swim, then make/pick up something. After getting back and changing into our suits, the Nan asked DH if we were ready to go. Um, to where? The pool?
She then got all mad at him and huffed and puffed because for some reason she thought we were going out to dinner, when she had only just said that she was fine having her soup and toast! The argument ended with her saying childishly and condescendingly that she "was going to buy us dinner but that's gone now!".
Really? Because somehow I think that was never going to happen, and can you blame me for not believing that tripe? Why do old people act like infants so often?
We then left for the pool, and avoided her for the rest of the night. The boys and DH and I all had a great time cooling off and then having a late dinner of pizza and salad. We were sad to be having to say goodbye to Florida the next day, but glad to be saying goodbye to Nan.

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  1. Your trip sounds fantastic. Sorry you have to come home.

    Now you know why no one else travels with Nan. Perhaps you need to send her a bill for part of the expenses you generated, which she was supposed to pay for.