Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Disney Day 4

Disney Day 4
At 6:30 this morning DH woke me. And then I panicked. My alarm I set for 6:00 never went off because I hadn't realized (or more likely was too tired to notice) that it was set for WEEKDAYS. Today is Sunday. Easter Sunday in fact. So we had to blast through getting ready and rush off to the Polynesian Resort for breakfast with Lilo, Stitch, Mickey and Pluto. It was a blast! The boys loved every minute of it and L is now right into getting autographs from all the characters. They even participated in the parade they had around the restaurant. That resort is fabulous! I'd love to stay there one day.
When I win the lottery, of course.
After WE paid the $100+ bill (she actually offered after DH already had his card out, but he told her to get the next one the idiot!), we were off to Animal Kingdom. Yes, change of plans from yesterday.
The AK is definitely one I'd like to go back to again. We started off with The Lion King show, which was fantastic! They had these five huge floats basically, that came into the room: one in the middle with a trampoline on it as well as bars, trapeezes and rings, and the four surrounding had one each of Simba, an elephant, a giraffe, and Pumba, the warthog. They were all animatronic of course. The people also had fantastic costumes, and there were monkey acrobats that did a routine on the middle one. There was singing and audience participation of course. So good!
If you aren't familiar with AK, they have this huge enormous man-made tree in the centre of the park called the Tree of Life. It has all these carvings of all kinds of animals in the "bark".
We loved also the Jungle Safari ride which takes you on a very realistic tour complete with live animals and fake mud ruts in the pathway. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see the Expedition Everest ride, as someone's feet were sore, and it was too hot, and she was getting a cold, and waaah, waaah wah. I'm mean, I know, but I've never been there and I wanted my money's worth! And apparently it's one of the best rides. Oh, well, like DH says, we need to leave stuff to see "next time". Like in about ten years I'm sure.

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  1. Despite "the Nan", it sure sounds like you guys are having fun AND filling your days in with lots of great activities! I can understand your frustration ... it's hard when you get told one thing, base your decision on that, and then find out that what you were told wasn't exactly coming to fruition.

    But man, it sure sounds like you're all having fun! Well, four of you anyways ;)

    I've never been, and I'd love to go with my kids one day. Since we'll have four soon, becoming a family of six, it's not likely that we'll be able to foot the bill ourselves either ;)

    So I'm living this vicariously through you! No pressure, LOL :)

    Keep having fun, and keep posting, 'kay?