Friday, April 8, 2011

One Crazy Day

Yesterday was a crazy busy day. One of my kids, C, showed up at 7:30 in the morning and promptly went and laid on the couch. Since he normally doesn't come that early, I thought he may be tired, but when I asked him if he was ok, he said that he wasn't feeling well, and that the night before he had been sick to his stomach.
Here we go again...
You all know my policies by now I'm sure. And these parents are usually great. They pay me on time, they are really great about me taking time off if I need it, they are very personable and easy-going and we all get along great. So I knew this wasn't a case of the usual "my-kid-is-sick-but-I-don't-really-care-because-I-still-need-to-go-to-work". Besides, he was going to school in an hour anyway.
A phone call later to his mom determined that she believed he didn't want to go to school so he was faking, and that the issue last night was forced from coughing.
I could go along with that because I know this guy, and he is a GREAT liar at times (although a sweet kid) and a bit on the dramatic side.
About 20 minutes later when I'd finished dealing with breakfast and my own kids, I checked on him and he was still on the couch, although he told me he'd been sick in my toilet twice.
Yikes!! And, poor guy.
So I told him I'd need to call his mom to come get him and that he shouldn't be going to school. That's when he tried to change his story. It became, " was only a little bit one time..."
Okaaaaayyyy.... I wasn't sure what to make of that. Was he afraid I was calling him out? Because I actually didn't hear or see him throwing up.
Another phone call to his mom and we decided to send him to school as he may or may not have been telling the truth, and she would alert his teacher.
A little bit later, I gathered all the kids and we started to get ready to leave for school. C started to get ready, stopped, and went into my powder room upstairs here. This time, I listened at the door, and sure enough I could hear him being sick. Poor kid!!
A very hasty third phone call later, and his mom decided that since I had to troop everyone to school anyway (I couldn't leave him alone at the house) that I would deliver him to the office, and her mother would pick him promptly up from there. Ok.
Strangely enough, C was still chipper and ran to school alongside the other kids. If that were me, I'd be dragging my butt!!
About 45 minutes later, I was getting crafts sorted out back at home for the non-school children, and I heard the door open upstairs and someone call out, "Hello?" It turned out to be C's grandma, who got it mixed up and thought that he was here! Poor Kid!! If I'd known she would take that long, I would have brought him home with me. At least he could have been laying on the couch and throwing up in privacy rather than be stuck in a stuffy school office sitting on a hard plastic chair!
So as it turns out, he was trying to downplay his illness because he WANTED to go to school! Apparently, he thought if he missed choir that he would get kicked out! Again, poor little guy!
So that was the first part of my morning. The rest of the day was also crazy and hectic, because I had to scour both bathrooms he was sick in (not that he missed the toilet, because he didn't, but I needed to eradicate the lingering germs!!), in between breaking up bickering 5/6 year-old girls, getting crafts/cleaning up crafts, making/cleaning up playdough, getting snack and trying to throw in the laundry the blanket and pillow C had been laying on (again, no spillage, I'm just a freak when it comes to germs). Oh, and Lysol-ing the heck out of every surface in the daycare.
The bickering girls were getting to me. So I packed everyone up and even though there wasn't much time left before lunch, we headed out to the park. I couldn't stand another second stuck in the house!!
Then after lunch, the two little kids went down for a nap and this used to be my own time, my quiet time. Not anymore.
I used to make the older kids go watch a movie downstairs so I could have a little peace. If they weren't going to nap anymore (and really, what five year old does?) I still needed a break. But now they don't want to watch a movie anymore. They want to play Wii (which is upstairs on my main tv) because I made the mistake of letting them play a couple of times as a treat before. So now they just hang around, staring at me as I'm trying to clean the kitchen and eat lunch. Ugh. I know I'm their sitter and this is my job, but seriously? Do I have to entertain you ALL the damn time?? Who else works for 10 hours a day and doesn't get a break? So it was a long, long afternoon. At one point, I even went upstairs to put laundry away just to have a few minutes to myself, because they're not allowed up there.
After school, I took nine kids to the park and tried to stay there as long as I could. Lately all the parents have been showing up right at five. Talk about stretching it to the last minute! (I close at five by the way.) So I didn't get rid of anyone early, and after they all left I went straight inside and started on dinner.
DH came home in time to eat with us, and I had to listen to him complain about how tired he was.
Not what I wanted to hear after the day I'd had. All he had to do was come home, plunk himself down at the table and pick up his fork. He was at school all day! It's not like that's physically taxing! To be fair, I do know it's mentally tiring, which is mostly what my day was too, but really? If you're going to complain on and on, at least ask the other person how their day was. Then I had to clean up dinner, wash the dishes, and start folding laundry. He didn't lift a finger.
MEN!! I seriously wanted to shove the laundry basket up his ass!
I'm hoping and praying today all the parents take pity on me and pick their kids up early so I can get started on my weekend!

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