Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gettin' Down To The Wire

So now we're less than 48 hours from being on the plane (or car) and leaving. And the reason I put "or car" I'll tell you in due time.
As you know, L had an ear infection last week. He's still finishing up his antibiotics, which are for ten days. On the weekend I had my mom, who is a registered nurse, take a look at his infected ear to see how it was coming along. She has one of those ear-looking-into-thingies (I think they may be called an otoscope? or autoscope? I'm too lazy to google it right now.) She said it looked red still. I'm not sure if that's to be expected or not, but it wasn't exactly good news to me.
This morning I had DH take L to the clinic to get his ear re-checked, and possibly more antibiotics if needed and advice on if we should fly or not. And here's why I put "or car". I said to DH that if L can't fly, we'll drive to Florida. I know it's a huge drive, but we actually have a few extra days to play with seeing as how we're supposed to be flying back on the Thursday, but we could technically not come home until the Sunday.
Anyhow, the clinic was a zoo apparently. We have two clinics near us, and they are both very busy a lot of the time. This is due to the fact that at least 35% of the population has no family doctor around here, and then on top of that, people like us that are on a doctor's list, can never obtain an appointment! And I'll get to that later...
So he took L in, and was told that the clinic was closed until noon today. Okaayy...So off he went to the other clinic which was of course, a mess. He said he stood in line for about 20 minutes and it NEVER MOVED! While in this line, he witnessed not one, but two different children vomit on the floor, while one of the mothers who was ahead of him in line, just stood there and watched her child. He guessed she was scared to leave the line. He also said (and I know, gross) that by the look of the vomit, the kid had been throwing up for quite some time, so my question is, why wouldn't you have come prepared for that?? Like with a bag, or bucket or something?
At that point, he turned around and left. And I'm glad. I don't want either of them sitting around waiting in that environment for hours on end.
So off he went next to our doctor's office. It's all the way on the other side of town, about a 15 minute drive if you catch some good lights. He knew that they don't answer the phone until 9:30, even though the office opens at 9:00, which is why he decided to drive over and present himself. He was hoping that perhaps they might squeeze him in. DH was basically told where to go, in a not-so-nice manner by the oh-so-pleasant staff there. And to try for an appointment in,
get this........

That is the state of our medical service here. Brilliant isn't it? And that is why our clinics are so busy all the time.
Plus, there seems to be some sort of vomiting flu bug going around. Gads.
L told me that there were about 7 or 8 kids away in his class yesterday!
If we actually escape to Florida without any sort of virulent virus or bacteria, it will be a FREAKIN' MIRACLE!!

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