Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Disney Day 5/6

Disney Day 5/6
Currently I am poolside, enjoying the free wireless (which is how I could finally email in my recent blogs I've been writing on my iPod), the water, the heat, and watching my children run around trying to kill these annoying bugs. They are everywhere right now. Apparently they are called lovebugs. They are black and they fly around attached to each other mating. They don't bite, but they are annoying because they fly around you and land on you. Better than mosquitos though.
We've seen quite a bit of local wildlife, but no gators! I did see a wild armadillo though, walking around a field by the road so that was cool.
Yesterday, the Nan decided to stay home for the day due to her cold, which was fantastic! We went back for round two of the Magic Kingdom. We did the haunted house again, Pirates of the Carribean, the Swiss Family Treehouse, Jungle Cruise, and a few other things over again. We left around 3:45 to go back to get ready for dinner. Dinner was at Mikado, a Japanese restaurant where they cook at your table. L loved it as the food (seafood) was right up his alley. R was unimpressed. We've been to a couple of similar restaurants in Canada, so they've seen the routine before.
After dinner we returned to the MK to ride Peter Pan. The boys wanted to go to the haunted house again, which made a total of three times, and R and DH went on the Rocky Mountain railroad (a sort of rollercoaster) again which made that one three times as well. We also did Pirates again (my favourite) and saw the Electric Lights parade. It was again midnight by the time we got back.
Today we were having a day off from the parks so we were hoping the boys (and we) would sleep in. Not so much. The nan decided to emptying the effing dishwasher at 7:45 in the goddamn morning, making as much noise as possible clanking and banging dishes around. Of course this woke my light sleepers. I was quite annoyed. It could have waited!! But she doesn't think that way...she doesn't think at all sometimes. The other day I had to stop her from making DH sick witha contaminated peanut butter knife. She was making a peanut butter and cheese sandwich (ew, barf!!) and started to slice the cheese with the knife she used to spread peanut butter with. I stopped her, telling her not to use that knife, and she questioned me why. For gods sake, it's HER grandson that she lived with for many years!! Her brain is going.
Anyhow, today we went back to Downtown Disney to do some shopping, then back for some lunch, and a swim. We are cooking here today, so that kind of sucks :(
Tomorrow: Epcot and final Disney day. Boo!

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  1. Glad to hear you're enjoying yourselves!! Sucks about the "free" trip not being so free anymore. Maybe DH will say something to her. It's a tough situation for sure.

  2. Don't let her moods, comments and oddities spoil your trip. Don't you dare!!!


    I have the windows open right now, and am imagining myself poolside with you ... the wind blowing the palm trees (or whatever) as we sip our drinks. Ahhhh ... heaven ;)

    I'm so glad you guys are having fun!

  3. You can sleep when you get home. Your trip sounds like so much fun.